In this podcast episode, I talk about the frustrations and pressure that seems to be mounting in this State of Quarantine and how adapting, adjusting and overcoming obstacles created by the pandemic is the path forward. Can we do things better once this over?

The Current Pressure Cooker

The times are a-changing, and it can feel like we are in a pressure cooker. There is a lot of uneasiness and pressure in the world right now with this pandemic, and it can really weigh us down or frustrate us.

As things are changing rapidly, it is time to do some thinking and introspection.  The questions that have been rolling around in my brain are the following:


Topics for Adjusting, Adapting and Overcoming Obstacles

adjusting, adapting and overcoming, resilience, self-reliance, simple living

During this episode, I talk about the following topics:


Extending Minnesota’s Shelter-in-Place Order until May 4, 2020

Delaying Activities

  • Camper Rehab
  • Camping
  • Kayaking Trips

Getting Busy and Doing Things

  • Sewing Masks
  • Building Gardens
  • Online Learning
  • Home Improvement Projects

Wicking Bed Gardens – Lesson in Adjusting, Adapting and Overcoming Obstacles

The Quarantine Backyard Ultra-Marathon

  • Danny ran a virtual ultra-marathon
  • He ran 100 miles in 23 hours and 32 minutes
  • Another guy in this neighborhood ran this Ultra-Marathon too!

Our 26th Wedding Anniversary

  • We had great grass-fed steaks from our friends at Yellow Hutch Farms
  • Throwback to when our boys were young
  • We had a great Anniversary


Closing Thoughts

We need to come up with new ways to do things. Going back to “normal” might not be an option. We need to come up with new ideas to do things: education, business, socializing, finance, etc.

It all comes back to Adapting, Adjusting and Overcoming, doesn’t it?

The world and country are huge. We can’t change those things by ourselves (they are WAY too big, but we can change how WE operate and do things. By making positive changes in our lives and homes, we can influence others around us. People will see our actions positivity, and productivity and they will be attracted to that.  We need to always remembers:

Change happens one person at a time. 

This is why I chose the Gooseberry Falls Lighthouse as the image on the Small Scale Life Facebook Group.  We can be an example and light to others as we become resilient through simple living.

Food for thought on this Easter Weekend.

Learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday!

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 adjusting, adapting and overcoming, resilience, self-reliance, simple living

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