It’s Day 3 of the Renew You Kickstart, and today’s topic is Basic Nutrition. Michael Bell returns to walk us through this topic, and he gives some great advice for folks starting on their journey.

As Julie and I have been saying over and over in previous podcasts and articles: this is about starting where you are. Some of us have been medicating ourselves with cheeseburgers, fries and beer (or Diet Coke) for many, many years. As we start to pay closer attention to what we are eating, we will find that there are some benefits to eating “what God made,” or in other words: “real food.”

This real food is delicious with simple seasonings or in recipes, especially when it is not buried under three gallons of dressing and cheese! This is especially true when you grow it yourself, but that is a topic for later this spring!

Michael Bell – Coach and Bodybuilder

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Michael Bell

To help discuss this topic, I brought back my friend Michael Bell to discuss Basic Nutrition. Michael is a husband, dad, urban farmer, PE teacher, competitive bodybuilder and a fitness coach. Michael has coached more than 300 people over 20 years, and he spent some time with us to discuss starting this journey to improving our Health through Basic Nutrition.

Special thanks to Michael Bell again for coming on the Small Scale Life Podcast!

Listen to the Day 3: Basic Nutrition Podcast

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Starting with Basic Nutrition

health and fitness, 24 hour plan, renew you, basic nutrition
Make your plate colorful and beat the salty tooth

Today’s podcast is all about really Basic Nutrition.  As you probably know all too well, this is a HUGE topic, which is much bigger than a 20 minute podcast.  Even though I eat every day, I am not a nutritionist.

There are thousands of resources out there covering this topic.  Again, Julie and I stress starting where you are and making incremental changes.  This conversation really should be the first steps of your journey.

Michael and I covered a few basic topics including the following:

  • Watching what we eat; most of us don’t eat “well”
  • Salt is not the enemy
  • Some have a salty tooth, sweet tooth or both (guilty), but we can overcome those issues.

For those of you looking for more, Julie wrote a corresponding article on this topic, and it is posted here at Small Scale Life. The key, again, is to start where you are. You aren’t going to change overnight, and Keto or Paleo diets only last so long. Most of us crave sugar and processed food, and these habits aren’t overcome in a week campaign!

As we have said over and over: go low and slow. Start where you are and be a little better everyday.

Resources and Questions

If you have questions for Michael Bell, please contact him. You can private message him using Facebook Messanger or send him a Direct Message in Instagram. In my own experience, I know Michael is very helpful and very response, especially on Instagram!

Of course, you can always contact Julie and me on the Contact Page here on Small Scale Life or at realsmallscalelife [at] gmail [dot] com.

Get after it, Lifers! Good luck on Day 3!

Listen to the Day 3: Basic Nutrition Podcast

Click the following media player or click the download button to listen to the podcast:

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