In this 215th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I continue the conversation with my friend Adam Rapier from Colorado.  We are going to dive into gardening and beekeeping in this episode.  We discuss some fantastic garden beds they built at Adam’s parent’s house, and we discuss the start of their beekeeping journey.


Who is Adam Rapier?

Adam and Kathleen Rapier, beekeeping, High Desert Hives

Adam and I met in 2018 at Doneil Freeman’s ranch in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  We spent a couple days together observing bees, checking out wicking bed gardens, riding ATVs and hanging out. Adam and I have been friends ever since, and I am happy to have him on the show.
In Episode 214 of the Small Scale Life Podcast, Adam and I discussed his and his family’s journey from urban living in Denver to their homestead in rural Colorado.  Adam and his wonderful bride Kathleen wanted to provide a different way, a different path, for their boys to grow up.  At the same time, they wanted to be closer to aging parents and discover the freedom of living in the country and doing things their way.  
I do have one correction from Episode 214: Adam’s homestead is called “The Rapier Ranch,” and their bustling beekeeping and honey business is called “High Desert Hives.”  I made that mistake in my haste to the get the episode posted, and I apologize for that.  We don’t have many corrections at Small Scale Life, but when I am wrong, I will tell you and make that known.  Fortunately, if you want to find them, links to their social media and website are in the show notes at  
We will have one more episode with Adam where we dive into Beekeeping as a Business, and I hope you stay tuned to listen to their journey.  It is amazing what happens when you have a surplus of a good or product like bees and honey!  If you are a gardener, you might have an abundance of tomatoes, green beans or zucchini, and you can give the surplus away or sell it.
Such is life when you are gardening and beekeeping!

Topics for Gardening and Beekeeping with Adam Rapier

Adam and Kathleen Rapier, beekeeping, High Desert Hives

In this episode, we discuss the following Gardening and Beekeeping topics:

“Wellness Ducks”

  • Beating the System
  • Beekeeping Ordinances


Castle Farm Massive Gardening Project

  • 6 Raised Bed Gardens
  • Dimensions:
    • 5 planters are 3 feet high, 4 feet wide, 28 feet long!
    • 1 planter is 3 feet high, 4 feet wide and 18 feet long
    • Cheap block from the site
    • Soil from a local supply and lots of rabbit poop

Busy Homestead: bees, chickens, ducks, rabbits quail and gardens

  • Pandemic Lessons Learned
  • Hiding food in the landscaping
  • Apartment Homesteading
  • Importance of networking with neighbors – The Exchange

Rapier Ranch – “Projects Are Us”

  • Property line fence
  • Lambs
  • Infrastructure – Adding one thing at a time and scaling

Beekeeping Journey


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