In this 216th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I continue the conversation with my friend Adam Rapier from Colorado.  We are going to discuss Starting a Beekeeping Business.  Now, I know many of you are not beekeepers and will never be beekeepers, but I hope you hold on and stay tuned to this episode.  Like walking through a garden, each small business story can inspire you to start something of your own or teach you something new.  After all, every gardener or homesteader might have an abundance of tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, eggs or milk that you can give the surplus away or sell to a local customer base.


Who is Adam Rapier?

Adam Rapier. Kathleen Rapier, High Desert Hives, High Desert Homestead
This is the actual third and final episode of the “Adam Files.”  As a reminder, I have talked with Adam about the following topics:
Episode 216 – Adam and I discuss Starting a Beekeeping Business
I really appreciate Adam being on the show and spending time with me and all of you.  Thank you again, Adam.  We’ll do it again in the future!


Starting a Beekeeping Business with Adam Rapier

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In this episode, Adam and I discuss the following Starting a Beekeeping Business topics:
Selling Excess on the Homestead
Niche Markets
Bee Clubs – Good, Bad and Ugly
Commercial Beekeepers
Spraying and Diseases
Tax Incentives of Homesteading and a Beekeeping Business
Projects and Next Steps on the Homestead

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