In this 199th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, Adam Rick and I are talking about Creating Heritage Meals and Deep Roots in Central Wisconsin.  I like to call this episode “All Roads Lead to Oxford, Wisconsin.” 

 As you’ll find out, Adam and I spent time in the woods and on the water less than five miles apart when we were growing up.  We have a shared heritage and a shared past.  In the small town of Oxford, Wisconsin, there is no question that our relatives sat around the fire telling tall fishing and hunting tales, discussing business and having a good time.

Much of my history, heritage meals and ties were lost when my grandparents and dad passed away.  A lot has been forgotten or just not passed down. To find someone like Adam that shares your heritage, meals and deep roots from the same small town is like giving a thirsty desert traveler a jug of water. 

It is a precious gift indeed, and it should remind us that that the world is….an incredibly small place.  Additionally, the only way to giving and receiving that gift is by putting yourself out there and connecting.


Who is Adam Rick?

Regen Ag, Regenerative Agriculture, Grass Fed Farm, Small Business, Amish

Adam was recently on the Small Scale Life Podcast talking about his Wisconsin homestead and his meat business partnership with the Amish.  Adam and his Amish partners are focused on restoring old soil using Regenerative Agriculture principles while bringing great tasting beef, pork and chicken to the market.

Adam recently lost his job, and he is making a solid push on this business venture.  I would like to personally thank everyone who purchased meat from Adam in the past couple weeks 9and yes, some of you did).  You are making a difference!


Create Heritage Meals with Meat from A Modern Frontier Farms

Regen Ag, Regenerative Agriculture, Grass Fed Farm, Small Business, Amish

As I mentioned in the last Small Scale Life Podcast, you can now buy quality grass fed meat at the following site:

Meat Boxes Currently for Sale:

These would be GREAT for making Heritage Meals for your family and friends to enjoy.  The following meat boxes are for sale on

A Butcher’s Dozen Ground Beef

13 pounds of grass fed ground beef, packed in 1 pound packages.


1/8 Grass Fed Beef Box

Approximate Pounds per Box = 35-37


NEW: 1/4 Pastured Pork Box

Approximate Pounds per Box = 23-24


Use code SMALL (in all caps) and you will get $25 off and beef, pork or chicken box. 

That’s right, use code SMALL (in all caps) and get $25 off!


You can chat with Adam on the site if you have any questions, or you can email him at


For full disclosure: this is not an affiliate for me or Small Scale Life. I want to help a friend get this business going.  I receive no payments or percentages from any sales; I am just helping a friend out.

Hall of Heroes

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With that out of the way, let’s continue with our gratitude practice here at Small Scale Life Podcast.  As I have said before, it is hard to have a bad day when you start your day with gratitude. I have a lot to be thankful for this week: 

Finally, I would like to thank all of you!  Julie and I are about to release the 200th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, and we are so excited to bring the next phase of this journey, this podcast and our Small Scale Lives to you.  Stay tuned: 2022 is going to be an incredible ride, and we are going to learn A LOT!

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Creating Heritage Meals; Deep Roots, Community

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