February in a Small Scale Life

February 2016 is in the history books.  It was a Leap Year this year, which gave us another day to get stuff done and learn, do and grow.  February was a busy month here at Small Scale Life, even if there are not a lot of posts up on the blog.

So, what happened in February, you ask?

Let’s see….

  • The 100-Day Swim Challenge ended
  • The Kwitchyerbellyakin Fitness Challenge ended
  • We celebrated the end of the Kwitchyerbellyakin Fitness Challenge
  • I started lifting weights with my son Ryan
  • We went to the February Wine Down Wednesday
  • I planted about 100 tomato seeds in my basement
  • I transplanted about 54 baby tomato plants after dampening wiped some seedlings out
  • I planted about 60 kale, lettuce and spinach seeds in my basement
  • I planted about 100 jalapeno pepper, green pepper and pepperoncini pepper seeds
  • I planted 200 onion seeds (100 Red Wethersfield and 100 Parma/Yellow Onions)
  • I found a great urban farm supply store right here in St. Paul
  • We transitioned from Small Scale Gardening to Small Scale Life in all social media
  • We are over 2000 members on Twitter (@smallscalelife)
  • We have over 360 followers at Small Scale Life on Facebook
  • I founded the MN-WI Regenerative Agriculture Facebook Group (which now has 27 members)
  • We published three Small Scale Life Podcasts and lined up guests for March
  • We explored Western Wisconsin on a Sunday

February was a busy month; it was a month of transitions.  Now that those transitions are complete, it is time to push forward.

What’s Coming Up?

transplanted tomato seedlings indoor garden grow lights

Transplanted tomato seedlings reach for the light – 2/29/16

As I look at this list of things that got done, I realize there are a lot of draft posts in my inbox that need to be cleaned up and published.  I will try to post those up on the blog as soon as I can.  There is just too much good stuff to write about! I won’t even mention the videos….

At the same time, March is lining up to be an interesting month.  The podcast will be on iTunes soon, and I have a few guests that are interested in being on the podcast or interviewed for the blog.  Don’t forget: we are creeping closer to spring! That means I will be in the garden at some point getting the beds ready to be planted. March is the snowiest month here in Minnesota, and we need to brace ourselves for the eventual snowstorm.  That’s life in Minnesota!

Stay Tuned; Provide Your Input

Things are going to get busy as spring approaches.  Even though we will be busy, there is always time for you to ask questions, interact or provide comments.  Please comment on the posts, like the stories and podcasts and please share posts and the podcasts with others.  Let’s grow this together!

Learn. Do. Grow.