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How to Build a Lifestyle Business

Kevin Geary (online entrepanuer) and I discuss how to start a lifestyle business that allows you to earn extra income while charting your own destiny from almost anywhere on this planet.  Kevin has started various online businesses over the years, and he has learned some critical techniques to target your critical audience and ultimately sell more of your products and/or services.

Budgeting: Start with the Why

How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them

Do you have dreams and goals? Are you making progress towards achieving those goals? For some people, it is difficult to dream. Others have big plans and goals, but they do not execute and take steps towards making those dreams a future reality. In this podcast, Julie and I discuss How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them.

Our Journey towards Financial Freedom; Our Story;

Our Journey towards Financial Freedom

In this episode, Julie and I discuss our journey towards financial freedom while we sit in al lovely cabin on the shores of Lake Superior on the North Shore of Minnesota.  We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, and we hope to inspire you as you begin or continue on your own journey!

Financial Freedom through Debt-Free Living

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9 Tips to Start Your $1000 Emergency Fund

9 Tips to Start Your $1000 Emergency Fund

The one year anniversary of the record-setting Government Shutdown happened on January 25th, 2020.  The anniversary came and went without fanfare by most, but for those of us who were impacted by that particular Shutdown, we remember it all too well.  Last year, Julie...

10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips

10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips

In this episode, I am going to discuss 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips provided by our Small Scale Life Facebook members, and hopefully you can use some of these tips to take back control of your life and budget while saving some money in the process.