In this 210th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, Host Tommy Cakes provides a garden and homestead update here at Driftless Oaks Farm.

Where has this month gone?

August came and went like a warm summer breeze.  State Fair, County Fair and sweet corn seasons are done and in the books.  Gardens are looking a little tired by now, and many a kitchen is busy with preserving the harvest.

Our oriole, hummingbird and monarch friends are gearing up for their journeys south, and the vegetation is starting to die back in the Land of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Big Woods.  At the same time, the sumacs are turning colors and the acorns are falling out of the Chief (our 250-year old burr oak).  The crisp mornings remind us that, like it or not, winter is coming.

With all this change in the air, it is time to give a garden and homestead update.  A lot has happened since the last episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, and it is time to take you on a tour of what is happening here at Driftless Oaks Farm.

Show Topics – Garden and Homestead Update

Garden and Homestead, My Farm Journal, Operation WW, swing

During this garden and homestead update, Tommy talks about the following topics:

  • Change is in the Air – Fall and Winter are Coming!
  • The Orchard – Criss Cross Apple Sauce
  • The Land Provides – Sweet Corn and Wild Grapes
  • Canning
  • How does my Garden Grow?
    • Tomotes
    • Peppers
    • Potatoes
    • Rhubarb
    • Comfrey
  • Project Updates
  • Gatherings – Family and Friends at the Farm
  • Connect to the Land – Animal Updates
    • Flying Young Eagle
    • Running Skunk
    • Watching and Counting Down – Oriole and Hummingbird Departures
  • Future Shows and What’s Coming Up Next on Small Scale Life!

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Homesteading, Wild Grapes

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