Happy Halloween 2018! There is nothing like Halloween: the cool weather, the decorations, the pumpkins, the costumes and all the fun associated with this holiday. We have had a lot of fun on Halloween over the years, especially when the boys were younger and when we participated in some haunted houses in Illinois. For the 115th episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I am going to talk about some favorite memories from years gone by and give some tips to creating a cool Halloween scene or haunted house.

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Preparing for Halloween 2018: Carving Pumpkins

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Carving pumpkins – October 30, 2018

Julie and Savannah bought a bunch of pumpkins a couple weeks ago.  They wanted to carve pumpkins with Ryan and his girlfriend when they were home from college. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out due to Danny’s Ultra-Marathon and some other family events, and they did not get to carve any of the pumpkins.  

Their loss is our gain.  The night before Halloween, Julie and Savannah gathered up the pumpkins and brought them inside.  As an aside, I am very surprised that the squirrels didn’t eat the pumpkins like they did in St. Louis Park. You can check the damage a squirrel can do on the hyperlinked video at the 1:45 mark.