In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I discuss a Happy Mother’s Day Weekend with a full house and a lot of great Community Building. Last week was pretty busy (hence no posts or podcast). Instead, there was a lot of family and community building last week, plus plenty of gardening (and some gardening disasters). It’s another action-packed episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast!

Topics Discussed

Happy Mothers Day 2019, whiteboard, podcast
The Whiteboard is back to show this episode’s topics – May 2019

As seen in The Whiteboard above, I discuss the following topics in this episode:

  1. Happy Mother’s Day 2019!
  2. Great Mother’s Day Meal
  3. About Last Week….Community Building Social Events
    1. Book Club
    2. Darrin’s visit
    3. Fatherhood Encouragement Project in Rockford, IL
  4. Garden Update….World War III (with very few survivors!)
    1. Wicking Beds
    2. Vertical Gardens
    3. Seedlings vs. the Tempest
    4. Purchased Plants
  5. Lesson of the Week

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