Happy Thanksgiving, Lifers! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving planned. If you have been to Small Scale Life this week, you know Julie and I have been busy trying to get recipes posted up on the website to help you with your Thanksgiving preparations.

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Finished turkey; ready for the table – November 2018

If you are cooking the Thanksgiving meal, you might be feeling unsure of yourself or overwhelmed. Julie and I want to help you out, and we have created some posts to give you some advice and tools.  Check out the blog posts here Small Scale Life for the following recipes:

Thanksgiving should be a lot of fun and bring people together, so we are helping you get ready and get the dinner on the table. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming; we are here to help!

A Little Advice to Keep Thanksgiving Happy….

Happy Thanksgiving, Family Pie, Minimizing Time Commitments while Maximizing Life, Minimalism, Intentional Living, Surviving the Holidays
Barb Taylor’s Special “Family Pie” Recipe – November 2018

As you finish up your prep and cooking, I also want to give you a little advice on how to facilitate your family, friends and other guests who arrive at your house. It’s life lessons we have learned (the hard way) from experience. We have been there, done that and gotten the t-shirt with some of this!

I am going to add to The Four Lessons Learned to Minimize Time Commitments while Maximizing Life podcast and post we recently shared. 
Here is my advice to you:

  • DO NOT DISCUSS RELIGION OR POLITICS!!!  This nation is too divided right now, and you want to have good memories for this holiday.  Fights over religion and politics ends up in wreck and ruin.  
    Steer clear; this is a No Go Zone. 
  • Make this time about the people and the experience
    • Do as much advanced planning as possible
    • Simplify the preparation work; do it ahead of the gathering
    • Free up your time to enjoy each other and experience the moment 
  • Delegate tasks and let the person do the work!
    • People want to help, so let them.  Make sure you stand out of the way and let them shine
  • Appreciate the opinions and experiences of young people
  • Allow extra time to go places; stop and smell the roses or enjoy your eagle moment!

Putting It All Together

Happy Thanksgiving; Cooking Tips and Failures; Turkey; Recipes; Podcast
Cheers – Thanksgiving 2017

I hope the recipes and this little advice helps you get organized and have a very happy Thanksgiving.  There is no need to stress, and we got your back for some easy to follow recipes.  You got this!  

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Bon appetit!