Labor Day Reset – HELP 2

September is finally here!  The kids are back in school, and life settles into a routine.  Fall is a fantastic time, however.  Football, crisp mornings, and leaves changing make it my favorite time of year.  For me, Labor Day marks the tipping point from summer to fall (based on my old football days).  It can also be a time to reset and adjust goals and get some momentum before the infamous pumpkin spice and holiday season!

Drew and I attempted to record and post this last Friday (9/2/16); however, somehow my computer did not record the podcast.  That is unfortunate because it was a fantastic conversation! Drew had just completed his Two Beers with Charles podcast on the Sample Hour, and we discussed a variety of topics for this podcast.

I decided to move ahead and record Episode 2 on my own, but Drew and I will record Episode 3 and post it as soon as we can get together.  I am taking steps to make sure I have redundant recordings (so I don’t lose a podcast).  In this episode of the weekly Healthy Lifestyle Podcast, I talk about the following topics:

  1. Traveling in Colorado and Wisconsin – How did it go?  What lessons did I learn?
  2. Resetting for Labor Day – Goals, working out, and diet
  3. Launching the NEW Kwitcherbellyackin Weight Loss Challenge – What is it and how does it work?
  4. Focusing on specific areas this month


While I did not manage to record the podcast, Drew and I talked about the following links during this podcast:

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