In this 213th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I am talking with my friend Maria the Intuitive Energy Healer about How to Set Your 2023 Guiding Words and Mantras.  This is building on last week’s Small Scale Life Podcast where I discussed 10 Goal Setting and Self Inventory Questions to Start 2023, so if you haven’t listened to that one, you should (it’s not required, but you should). Working with these questions lays the foundation for setting your 2023 Guiding Word and Mantras.  By work I mean thinking hard about your answers and being honest with where you have been, where you are, and where you would like to be.

Pressing Forward!
This week’s guest is Maria the Intuitive Energy Healer, and we are talking about How to Set Your 2023 Guiding Words and Mantras.  We will discuss our Guiding Words from last year and how they served us and how things worked out.  Then, we will dive into our 2023 Guiding Words and Mantras. Finally, Maria takes command of the show by telling us How to Set Your 2023 Guiding Words and providing some examples of Guiding Words.  Maybe one of those words will resonate with you!
Did you know we usually have something fun at the VERY end of the show?  Instead, I am playing a clip of Maria’s Sound Healing.  You can get a feel for what her sound healing session is like, and let me tell you, it is so amazing! It is really powerful to be at her sound healing sessions in person!  You can really feel the drums and the bowls wash sound waves over your body, and it helps break loose energy and feelings that we stuff down inside, hide from the word and try to ignore.
Thank you again, Maria, for being on the show, being there for Julie and I in our darkest of times, and being our energy healer, our spiritual coach and our great friend.  Tim…yeah, he’s ok! Just kidding; he’s awesome.
For more information and learn more about Maria, head over to her website at  

Show Topics – How to Set Your 2023 Guiding Words and Mantras

Maria and I discussed the following topics during this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast:
  •   Who are you?
  •   What do you do?
Guiding Words vs. Resolutions
2022 Guiding Words – How did that work out?
  • Tom’s – Build and Let Go
  • Maria’s – Stillness
2023 Guiding Words and Mantras/Mission Statements
  • Tom’s – Time and Life Mission Statement
  • Maria’s – Connection and Mantra
How to Set Your Guiding Words and Mantras  
Plans for 2023 using those Power Words
  • Tom’s Project Me 2023 – Physical Heath, Mental Health, Connections and Consistency
  • Maria’s Plans – Getting Back to Basics; Time for Maria to Shine!

A Growing Business and Finding Maria


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In Closing….Offering Prayer, Norse Pagan, Wellness, Blot

From the North to the South
From the East to the West and
Everywhere in between.

May the gods, spirits and folk
Be blessed at this place.
May we heal the land and
Protect the soil, animals and plants.
May we live in strength and love.

Leading the Way
As we learn, do grow and
Be a little better everyday!

This is Tom from the Small Scale Life Podcast. Have a great week! We’ll be back soon with another show. In the meantime, stay safe and take care everybody!

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