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Are you stressed out about money?  Are you stressed out every Sunday night about work the next day (someone’s got a case of the Mondays)?  If you are, you are not alone.  A recent study created by mobile-banking company Varo Money reported that out of 1000 Americans polled, “while a whopping 85 percent say they “sometimes” feel stressed about money, a full 30 percent say they’re “constantly” stressed about their finances.”  That is an amazing statistic, but Julie and I have been there before!

What can you do about this?  How about generating some additional income through a lifestyle business online?  It is May Day, and in a celebration of capitalism, I am thrilled to have Kevin Geary as my guest today for a second time on Small Scale Life.  This time, Kevin and I discuss how to start a lifestyle business that allows you to put some of that stress at ease by earning extra income while charting your own destiny from almost anywhere on this planet.  Kevin has started various online businesses over the years, and he has learned some critical techniques to target your critical audience and ultimately sell more of your products and/or services.

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Let me ask you a few questions:

  • Have you ever felt like you just don’t have the motivation to work out or stick to your diet?
  • Do tell yourself that you just need some more will power and discipline?
  • Have you been jumping from diet program to diet program and just can’t seem to make traction?

I have been there, done that and got the t-shirt more times than I can count.  As a guy who has enrolled in 10 different weight loss programs and failed every time, I can tell you that getting that discipline, motivation and will power gets harder each time.

So why not try something new?

Kevin Geary from Rebooted Body is launching a new master class titled:

“Make It Stick Master Class: The 5 Secrets of Making Healthy Habits Feel Automatic”

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Topic: How to Start a Lifestyle Business

Kevin Geary and I discuss the following topics for how to start a lifestyle business.

Welcome Kevin Geary Back to the Show

  1. Rebooted Body
  2. Six Figure Grind

What is a Lifestyle Business?

  1. Definition – Create an online business or side hustle that provides flexibility and income with time and location independence.
  2. A Lifestyle Business is an online business or side hustle
  3. Not the biggest business: one that supports you and your family
  4. Advantages of a lifestyle business: low risk; low overhead; no inventory; low or no debt; few or no employees
  5. College is not required
  6. You can get up and running for as little as $100
  7. Sweat equity is required; add to your bottom line

Side Hustles: Selling Affiliates for Lifestyle Business

  1. People will pay for your audience; refer people; earn a commission
  2. You don’t have to do design the mousetrap!
  3. Lifestyle Business Myth: Build it online and it will just come naturally
    1. Internet was that way in 2005-2006
    2. Online world is noisy today
  4. Takes time and effort using the right tools and shortcuts
    1. Online class from Six Figure Grind: research and producing quality content
    2. Poker analogy: same people show up in the finals of the World Poker Tournament because they have skills
    3. Not every piece of content will be a home run, but you will do better over time using techniques and research
    4. Gary Vee’s Philosophy vs. Reality and specific tactics available on Six Figure Grind
  5. Not always easy: eating dirt

Alignment with Few Channels

  1. Be everywhere vs. focusing on one or two channels. You cannot be everywhere; it’s impossible without a team
  2. Focus on Channels that are in alignment with you and your niche. Example discussed recently on Small Scale Life: Michael Bell at Dallas Half Acre Farms marketing vegans on Instagram

Making Connections in Your Niche

  1. Target people like you and leapfrog your way up
  2. As you get bigger, expand your audience by talking with bigger platforms
  3. Drive sales and money; borrow audience and pay commissions

Offline Businesses: Homesteaders Beekeepers, Chefs and Other Experts

  1. Have a team to help with the work
  2. Free up your time to market to grow the business
  3. Hire the marketers or sales people if you are an expert
  4. Kevin’s book recommendation: “The E-Myth”
  5. Example: the Chef and the Restaurant Trap

Websites and Online Commerce with Six Figure Grind

  1. How to create your website
  2. Website reviews, critiques and assistance are available
  3. Invest in your blog, website, copy and funnels
  4. Sometimes you need to bootstrap in the short run and hire experts later (write the check and get peace of mind from expert assistance)
  5. Play to your strengths; manage your time; where am I going to make the most money
  6. Take advantage of certain apps and templates to automate your processes

Basic Lifestyle Business Foundations: Blog/Website, Podcast and E-mail Marketing

  1. E-mail list captures people you have already brought to your site
  2. If you are not getting results, you need to shift your strategy
  3. E-mail Marketing Test: Are you making $1 per month per e-mail list subscriber?
  4. Sometimes it takes a lot of time before someone purchases a product
  5. Excellent e-mail marketers: Nathan Fraser and Kevin Geary
    1. Nathan Fraser has an e-mail marketing course at Sign up for Nathan’s course and learn techniques to improve your e-mail marketing
  6. The WORST Strategy: the Monthly Newsletter
    1. Monthly Newsletter
    2. Too many action items and too much information
    3. It’s about results; ask yourself: are you making money?
    4. Info-tainment – 50% entertainment; 50% useful information

Make It Stick Master Class – Rebooted Body Master Class

  1. Start Here: Listen to HELP Podcast 7 where Kevin Geary, Drew Sample and I talk about Rebooted Body
  2. Next: Go to the Make It Stick Master Class using this link: Make it Stick Master Class at Rebooted Body.

Registration Closes on May 3, 2018!!!!   

Start changing your life with Kevin, and Julie and me TODAY!

Putting It All Together

Kevin is right on point about developing a side hustle that generates additional income.  Maybe it isn’t something that generates six figures initially, but could you use an additional $500, $1000, or $5000 a month?  What could do you with some additional income?

You can start your own lifestyle business, even if you don’t have a better mousetrap to offer.  If you are an established blogger, podcaster, market gardener, homesteader or beekeeper, you can build or improve your blog, podcast or e-mail list.  The key is taking the time to learn some of these techniques and shortcuts from people like Kevin at Six Figure Grind.

I won’t kid you: a side hustle is going to take work, but you can successfully create a new lifestyle businesses that generates extra income.  It is do-able, and with Kevin Geary at Six Figure Grind, you will learn tools and techniques that will help you generate audience and revenue.