On this 202nd Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, Julie and Maria the Intuitive Energy Healer are back on the Small Scale Life Podcast to talk about How to Start a Small Business. Both Maria and Julie have owned their own businesses:

  • Maria owns and operates a dog grooming business and her intuitive energy healing business in Lake City, Minnesota.
  • Julie operated her own wedding floral design business in Minnesota and Illinois.

We discuss a number of topics including the following:

  • How to prepare to start the small business and side hustle
  • Where do you start? What should you focus on?
  • Mindset and narratives that hold you back
  • Teamwork makes the dreams work
  • Small business ideas (Hell Yeah’s vs. Hell No’s)
  • What do you wish you had during the busiest times of your life?

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how to start a small business, side hustles, financial freedom

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