I took a great kombucha class on Saturday from a gentleman who’s great tasting kombucha got me interested in making the drink back in late October 2018. Taking the class highlighted the need and importance of mentoring. Often we start projects or efforts and get lost in the complexity and minutia. What if we got a mentor in our area that experienced some of these same challenges? What if we learned from and perhaps improve on that experience? We might save ourselves a lot of money, energy and time by connecting with a mentor, listening to their advice and executing on that advice.

That mentor could be a young person or an old person. Whomever it is, they have been there and done that, and they probably know the right way to do it for your local conditions. They might know a shortcut or two and what pitfalls to avoid.

As you make those connections in your area, make sure you stop talking and listen. The mentor with the knowledge and the experience is there to help you, but you need to be still and hear what they have to say. There is a lot of noise in this world, and chances are we have bumped into a mentor or two in our daily travels. Stop, look and listen means more than just being cautious around railroad tracks, Lifers!


Dombucha Kombucha testing; importance of mentoring

My Dombucha Kombucha is coming along. It is a touch too sweet, but it should be ready by the weekend for flavoring and F2 – November 2019

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Simply Canning School with Sharon Peterson – If you want to learn how to can SAFELY from an expert, check out the Simple Canning School. Sharon’s videos are GREAT, and you will become a confident canner in no time.

FREE buget bundle – Remember: it is the start of a new month, and it is time to take control of your income and expenses.  Now is the time, especially as the holidays are right around the corner.  Don’t run out of juice before the holidays hit!  Download the Free Budget Bundle and start changing your life.  Tell your money where to go before you spend a lot of time figuring our where it went.

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