For many of us, summer is over: our children are heading back to school.  Whether it is the first time our child is going to kindergarten or the Senior Year of College, many of us are experiencing those all-too-familiar feelings of excitement, nervousness and loss.  We are sending our babies of all ages, shapes and sizes out of our safe nests and into the fray.

It is exciting and difficult for both parents and children/young adults.  There is a sense of loss, especially if you are sending your young adult away to a college some distance from home.  At the same time, there is a deep feeling of time passing.  We are all getting older, and many of us have given all to our children.  We have met every need, handled the issues and patched up the boo-boos.

At some point, they are going to need to leave the nest and launch into the great unknown.  It is natural, and it must happen.  Once the dust settles and the skies clear, you will have great new opportunities: to discover who you are as an older adult and what direction you want to take your life. Maybe you want to change your career or move to the country?  Maybe you want to make a difference and volunteer for a charity?  Maybe you want to start a new side hustle or hobby?

 You can do a lot of things, and the choice is yours.  Your first step, however, is dreaming about the future!  Good thing Julie and I did a podcast about that recently.  We got ya, fam!

Small Scale Life Pick of the Week

Small Scale Gardening Podcast: Start with the Why

This week, I launched the new Small Scale Gardening Podcast.  I want to serve the homesteader and gardener communities better here on Small Scale Life.  I decided to launch a podcast for you, and I want to focus on growing plants, dealing with pests and preserving the harvest once you harvest it!  I talk about the goals and objectives of the podcast, and I will be releasing shows once a week on the Small Scale Life Network.  Stay tuned for more, including some great interviews.

Julie’s Pick of the Week

Julie, Happy Mother's Day

The Four Keys to Abundant Frugal Living

2 Frugal Dudes Podast

Julie listened to this podcast and has some great pull quotes from it.

“Money flows to those who have the better plan.” ~ Steve Economides

If you go to the grocery store and you don’t have a plan, then the better plan is the grocery store’s plan.  They will get you to impulse buy.

My friend Mr. Tactical and I discussed this in detail a few months ago.  We talked about the bright colors and flashy food and drink displays at gas stations.  These are magnets for people who are “looking for a little snack” or “need a drink of something.”  These gas stations have a better strategy and plan, and they are very successful at getting us to open our wallets and make a purchase.  A lot of pumps are now advertising food or drink deals, and some are offering coupons right there.

Take a walk through the gas station the next time you stop for gas and just look. You will be amazed.  They are betting that they have the better plan for your money!

Tom’s Back to School Picks of the Week

News from Around the Bend: Back to School Edition

Because we haven’t done one of these News from Around the Bend Posts in a long time, I thought it would be fun to link to the content from our Lifer Community.

A Farmish Kind of Life 

Julie and I had a chance to meet Amy Dingmann from A Farmis Kind of Life recerntly, and she is a great person!  It has been fun getting to know her outside of the podcasting and blogging world.  Check out her blog and her podcast, and you can always check out her brand new, shiny Patreon account.  If you like her stuff, send a few bucks her way by signing up!  I am watching how her Patreon is coming along for one reason or another…..


How to Add Beauty to Your Food Garden

Suburban Prairie Homemaker, LLC

Julie and I have known Ann from Suburban Prairie Homemaker, LLC, for a number of years (since Ryan was in Tiger Cub Scouts), and she has launched her own Suburban Prairie Homemaker YouTube Channel.  Ann has been helping a neighbor with their garden, and she provides a garden tour while discussing the various plants, companion plantings and strategies for this garden.  Check it out and subscribe to her channel.


Rapier Ranch Facebook Page

The Rapier Ranch is an urban homestead in Colorado.  Adam and Kathleen have a nice little garden and rabbits, and of course they have other fun experiments like soap making to fill in the gaps. It is fun to see what is going on, and they share our “learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday” philosophy!


JKS Homestead Facebook Page and the JKS Instagram Page

Joshua and Jackie have JKS Homestead in Pennsylvania.  They are doing a lot of cool things such as testing and rating different apples, setting up a free neighborhood pantry (which is a GREAT idea I have been kicking around), making fire cider and other canned yummy goodness.  I appreciate Joshua and Jackie’s activity and commentary in the Small Scale Life Facebook Group and on Instagram.  It is great to have them talking and commenting, and I have learned a ton about apples!  Check out their platforms and follow them!

The Sheep Shed

I learned about Alyssa from the now defunct Modern Homesteading Podcast.  Harold Thornbro interviewed Alyssa and they discussed her homestead.  Alyssa is a fellow Minnesotan, and she has her hands full with her family and suburban homestead northwest of the Twin Cities.  She has new blog posts every Tuesday and Friday, and I hope to have her on the Small Scale Life Podcast in the near future!

Back to School Brings New Opportunities

We are all getting older. The passage of time waits for no one.  As Andy Dufresne, (played by Tim Robbins) said to “Red” Redding (played by Morgan Freeman) in The Shawshank Redemption:

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

Time is passing.  What would you give to live your life differently and build a life that you don’t need a vacation from?  

Think about it. Then start to develop a plan.

“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”