Julie and I are on vacation and podcasting on location! In this episode, Julie and I discuss our journey towards financial freedom.  We talk about the good, the bad and the ugly, and we hope to inspire you as you begin or continue on your own journey!

Topics on Our Journey towards Financial Freedom

Our Journey towards Financial Freedom; Our Story; White Board
New Feature with the Small Scale Life Podcast: The White Board showing the podcast topics. I love The White Board!

As you can see on The White Board above, Julie and I discussed the following topics during this podcast:

  • Recap of the Financial Freedom Renew You – 7 Key Topics
    • Julie is the spender; Tom is an infrequent spender
    • Happiness is not found in material goods
  • Thrifty Thursday Tip of the Week – Small Scale Life Facebook Group
  • Once Upon a Time on Beach in Wisconsin….
  • Working through our journey towards Financial Freedom; failing along the way
    • Realizing that lifestyle and expenses were not sustainable (house poor, car payments and other spending)
    • Eating out is expensive in the current year; we make better food at a fraction of the cost
    • Life Hack: Sharing meals with your significant other
  • Crash of 2008
    • Underwater on our loan
    • Took 4 years to decide to make a change (lack of job security)
    • Short sale in a terrible market
    • Illinois market still has not completely recovered
  • Renting and Home Purchase
    • Rented for 5 years
    • Purchased a house in 2017
    • Building wealth; providing stability for our family
  • Debt is Dumb
    • Poor decisions when underwater/in debt
    • Can make better decisions when not in so much debt; build a life you love!
    • Keeping up the Jones is not a good strategy
    • Material goods do not impress people
  • Shores of Lake Superior
    • Sense of peace when you have savings in the bank
    • Have a plan and are building wealth to make that plan happen
    • Constant re-upping and keep on top of those poor habits
    • Budgeting is critical!
    • Discover Your Why
    • Intentional living is key!
  • Shut Your Debt Hole – Stories about doing stupid with zeros on it
    • Julie: Longaberger Baskets, Pampered Chef, Wine, Adult Parties, Cabi, Essential Oils, etc.
    • Tom: financed my first computer – 486 with a Pentium Chip for $2500
    • Emergency fund and savings are key
    • Feel free to share your stories

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Our Journey towards Financial Freedom; Our Story;
Gooseberry Falls, MN – April 2019

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