As we say goodbye and good riddance to 2020 and usher in the New Year, I am excited to kick off 2021 and set the tone with a Water Sounds Meditation Podcast and YouTube video called “Relax and Meditate to Water Sounds: Quarderer Creek.” 

Quaderer Creek in Barron, Wisconsin

Quaderer Creek Location Map

Quaderer Creek is a stream that flows from just north of a small town named Hillsdale towards Barron, Wisconsin. It connects to the Yellow River in downtown Barron.

Before it connects to the Yellow River, Quarderer Creek flows through a Waterfowl Management Project (red circle on the map above).  This is a pond created by a earth and boulder dam near the intersections of 12th Avenue and 13th Street (JUST southwest of Barron, Wisconsin).

The water flows through the dam, and it created an interesting sound.  As I always say, each body of water (creek, stream, river and even a lake) has its own song and its own voice, and sometimes that changes depending on the season, flow and part of the body of water you record.

Meditate and Relax to Water Sounds

As we step firmly into 2021, take a few minutes to relax and think where you want to go this year and in the future.  We have a clean slate, an open book, a clear canvas and open waters ahead.  We choose our path forward.  Think about it, and move forward with confidence in 2021.

And now, here is our Water Sounds Meditation at  Quaderer Creek in Barron, Wisconsin.

Happy New Year!

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 Relax and Meditate to Water Sounds: Quaderer Creek

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