This is another member appreciation video and podcast episode where you can decompress and/or meditate to wonderfully calming and relaxing Wind Chimes, wind and birds in Minnesota. 

For those of you who want these chimes (like I do), these are Woodstock Chimes “Chimes of Neptune.”  

Special thanks to Small Scale Life Community Member Danielle who filmed her Woodstock Chimes and published these in February 2020.  I really loved the sound, and I asked her if I could take a clip of the chimes and remix them into a longer video.  The relaxing wind chimes, the wind and the birds in her bird feeders made for some great audio from her homestead in Minnesota

The Farmsteads in this Video

Taylors Falls Farmstead, homestead 

To compliment this video and pay tribute to Danielle’s homestead, the farmsteads shown are from my various journeys and adventures.

  • The first is a barn just south of Barron, Wisconsin.  I was driving and this one spoke to me.  It looks like the owners are fixing the place up and getting ready for a busy planting season.
  • The second is a homestead just south of St. Cloud, Minnesota.  The owners are encouraging birds to nest in those red bird boxes.  It really is a beautiful property near the Sauk River.
  • The third is a farmstead near Almena, Wisconsin.  The different outbuildings and barn stood tall, but that old pine tree stands even higher.
  • The last is a proud farmstead just west of Taylors Falls, Minnesota (pictured above).  I really love the windmill, the brick silo and the barns. Black metal roofs and the neat red and white buildings always make me pause when I am passing through the area.

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 Relaxing Wind Chimes, Wind and Birds in Minnesota; resilience

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The world seems to be a crazy and upside down, and I know a lot of us are sheltering-in-place and hunkering down in the Time of Corona.  To help with that, I believe we need to get back the land and nature to unwind and become more resilient.

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