Introduction Podcast to Small Scale Life – S1E1

This is a reboot of the introduction podcast for Small Scale Life.  I cleaned up the audio and quality of the podcast in April 2016, and I posted the new version here on the blog and in Soundcloud.  UPDATE: you can now hear this episode using the player above by clicking on the play button.

Small Scale Life a podcast and blog dedicated to learning, doing, and growing. We hope to inspire you to learn new skills, complete projects and grow mentally, and physically. We are all about getting stuff done, particularly when it comes to fitness, weight loss, finances, gardening, preserving the harvest and adventure.

In this Podcast….

In this podcast, my friend Jay Dolan and I introduce ourselves, discuss the vision and goals of the podcast and discuss three questions asked by Jon Acuff about 2016. We will discuss the answers to those questions in Season 1, Episode 3.

In addition, Jay and I discussed the Kwitchyerbellyakin Fitness Challenge. This is a fitness challenge designed for all types of people from beginners to seasoned fitness veterans. It is a points scoring system based on duration of exercise. There will be weekly winners (you can only win one week) and overall winners. Registration closes on January 5, 2016, and see Small Scale Life for more information.

Also Note

This weekend, Julie and I  did some brainstorming.  You will note that we have changed our motto from “Learn. Do. Lead.” to “Learn. Do. Grow.”  This change better reflected what we are trying to accomplish on both the Small Scale Life and Small Scale Gardening blogs.  As you learn skills and do more activities/practice those skills, you will grow mentally, spiritually and physically.  The same can be said for the garden: as you learn more skills and implement what you learn the garden, you should see healthier plants and a better harvest!

I updated the blogs and social media sites.  I do find some “Learn. Do. Lead” and “maximizing small spaces and preserving your harvest” depending where I go on the Internet.  If you see some of the “old stuff,” please let me know at realsmallscalelife [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you!

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The podcast is posted on Fireside and can be heard by clicking the play button above.  You can also listen to the episode on Soundcloud by clicking below: