Vertical Gardening with The Plant Charmer Part 1  S1E15

In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, I interviewed The Plant Charmer.  You might be wondering: who is The Plant Charmer?  This is a gentleman named Khaled Majouji, an urban farmer from the Montreal area in Canada who grows an incredible amount of vegetables in vertical gardens!  Khaled inspired me to build my two gutter vertical garden system this year.

The Plant Charmer and I discussed the following topics during the show:

  • Background and beginnings
  • Why he started urban farming
  • How he developed vertical gardening using shoe organizers and rain gutters
  • Selling produce
  • Philosophy
  • Thoughts on Big Agriculture

Since we had such a great conversation that stretched for almost three hours, I broke this interview into a series. Part 2 of this podcast will be posted next week!

Thank You and Call to Action

It was great having Khaled on the show, and I appreciate the time he spent talking to me.  We had a long and awesome conversation, and because of that, we will have a Part 2 of this show.  Khaled is working hard to get funds for a larger piece of land to expand his farming operation on a one acre homestead.  In addition, he would like to set up a greenhouse and purchase a vehicle to deliver produce to a CSA.  Khaled needs funds to set up this operation, so go to his Go Fund Me and donate today!

I would also like to thank Austin from Beatsby_Roi for providing permission for using the song “Steady Wzdm” from The Lemon Water Chronicles, Volume 1, on the podcast.  I would also like to thank Dillon from The Soapbox Collective Podcast for helping to connect with Austin.


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The Plant Charmer has revolutionized growing food vertically! Source: The Plant Charmer’s Instagram site

Khaled and I discussed the following links and was to find The Plant Charmer on the podcast:
 Check out the In.Genius Farms School of Urban Agriculture.  Khaled has launched a vertical strawberry growing course in his school.  The cost is $50, and it looks like it is a great value!

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