As I have stated on several occasions on the Small Scale Life Podcast, there are a whole universe of other platforms, media and social media out there for us.  Occasionally when you speak to the vast universe, it speaks back to you!  In this case, that part of the universe was Terrance Layhew from The Intellectual Agrarian.

In January, Terrance interviewed Scott Hebert, and somehow he found me.  He reached out to me, and after working out our schedules in a busy July, we found a way to connect and complete the interview.  In our interview, Terrance and I discussed what lead me to start my small scale life journey, gardening tips and ideas, how and why communities are important and so much more.

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For my own special take on the podcast and some other thoughts, please listen below…..

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The Intellectual Agrarian

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Who is Terrance Layhew?

So you might be asking: who is Terrance Layhew, and what is The Intellectual Agrarian?

According to his About page on The Intellectual Agrarian site, Terrance Layhew is an Organic inspector, writer, film critic and sustainable agriculture advocate. Terrance started the The Intellectual Agrarian Podcast to offer the perspective of Intellectual Agrarians on life and society and shares the stories of other farmers and agrarians around the world.

Consider this, my fellow Lifers: Tommy Cakes is an Intellectual Agrarian!  How about that?  Bada Boom Bada Bing!  I always knew I was smart!  Social!

Terrance’s blog and podcast are right in line with Small Scale Life. As I have talked a lot about building community of like-minded people around us, I fully support the work that Terrance is doing.  He has interviewed some great people doing some great things.  By the way, one of those great people is our very own Urban Farmer Michael Bell, and I will let you know when his podcast is on The Intellectual Agrarian.

Here is where you can find The Intellectual Agrarian:

Podcast Questions

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Terrance did a great job putting together some interesting questions for the interview.  We discussed the following questions in the podcast:

  1. Starting off I have to ask, is it a coincidence that you share the name of a former NFL football player?
  2. Ordinarily we start with asking about personal history and biography, but I’d like to start off asking what is “Small Scale Life,” how do you define it?
  3. What lead you to this idea of living small scale?
  4. When did you start your Podcast and why?
  5. Your engineering work was focused in the railroad community, what got you interested in, I’ll try to say this without the tune, but “working on the railroad”?
  6. Has your engineering background influenced your perspective on gardening?
  7. There’s probably a general idea that when people garden all they do is put plants in the ground, hopefully if people have listened to the show long enough they’ve dispelled that fiction, but assuming there are some laboring under that idea, how is your garden set up? Do you experiment with how it’s designed?
  8. Let’s say there’s someone listening to us right now, they live the classic urban or suburban life, how can they start living a small scale life?
  9. A good portion of your work has involved creating networks of like minded people, with the Small Scale Gardening and Small Scale Life. What brought your interest to bringing together like minded people?
  10. Tom, thanks for being on the show, where can people go to learn more about you and your work?

Of course, all of you know that we have our own universe of platforms and media supporting Small Scale Life.  As I have said one more than one podcast, is the flagship, the center, of our universe.  Everything orbits around it like plants around the sun.

In case you don’t know about our solar system, here is a list of all the planets orbiting around Small Scale Life:

Putting It All Together

community, Small Scale Life, Small Scale Life Podcast, The Intellectual Agrarian, Terrance Leyhew

Thank you for the awesome mug, Terrance! This mug has helped me through this massive basement project – September 2018

I appreciate the opportunity to meet Terrance Leyhew and talk with him about Small Scale Life.  He was a very generous host and very organized, and I really appreciate the coffee mug!  It certainly has been a feature in the middle of our basement project.

I will have Terrance on the Small Scale Life Podcast in October.  With as busy as my schedule has been of late, I am pushing back some of the guest interviews on the show.  I can’t wait to talk with him again, and the beautiful thing is that he is close: he is an Organic Inspector in Wisconsin, and like me, is traveling all over the state.  There is nothing like making friends in the frozen north, especially in God’s Country.  I look forward to our next conversation!

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to send feedback to me at realsmallscalelife [at] gmail [dot] com or hit the Contact Us page on