Happy Easter! As a gift to you, dear listener, this podcast episode is simply a way for you to decompress while listening to a relaxing stream of meditation near Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota.

Practices of Our Ancestors 

In many religions and practices, the folk would go to a stream, river or lake in order to meditate and pray to their gods. Water is life, and chants and prayers seem to resonate in the forest and along the shores of streams, rivers or lakes.

In these uncertain times, I wanted to provide a way for people trapped in quarantines or under shelter-in-place orders in urban landscapes to have a way to connect with nature. You might not be able to be by this stream physically, but I am providing a method to connect virtually. 

Resilience through Simple Living

Renew You, Introduction to Financial Freedom. Financial Freedom, welcome to april

I firmly believe that we need to by physically, mentally and spiritually fit as we come through these dark times and begin to rebuild our homes, neighborhoods and communities. Being in touch with nature and connecting with our spiritual selves will help give us strength in the days to come.

I hope you enjoy this recording and are able to decompress while listening to this relaxing stream of meditation. I plan to capture more of these places and spaces and provide them to this audience (like my favorite trout stream near Maiden Rock pictured above).

My goal is to trigger something deep inside you as you meditate in order for you to become the best you. As I always say at the end of my videos and podcasts:

Learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday. Take care, everybody!

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