Pressing forward into 2021, we are starting the New Year off right!  In this 183rd Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, we are talking about gardening, urban homesteading and future homesteading plans with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast

Hannah and her husband AJ are fellow travelers in the Urban Homesteading space. Like us, Hannah and AJ are living close to their parents in an urban area. In an effort to live healthier lives and break patterns of the American consumption lifestyle, they started gardening, growing fruit trees and making things from scratch.  They have branched off to document their story on The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast and on Instagram.

Of course, this has lead to some interesting adventures and entanglements along the way.  For example, you might not be a true urban homesteader until the police come to your house to investigate your yard…..

For all of us that long to have a little more land and a lot more freedom, this podcast episode should bring a smile to your face and inspire you to try. It is not too late to start breaking free, and you will hear how tomatoes are indeed the gateway to gardening and freedom!

If you want to start developing your vision for your future, take a listen to our podcast episode titled “How to Dream Big, Set Goals and Take Steps to Achieve Them” on Small Scale 

Hall of Heroes – Gratitude

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“It’s hard to have a bad day when you START your day with gratitude.”

As part of intentionally Practicing Gratitude, I am starting this podcast episode by recognizing some folks who have been active on Small Scale Life.

These folks have reached the Hall of Heroes for this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast:

  • Hannah, AJ and Jack from The Wisconsin Homestead It was great connecting with these folks, and Julie and I are really excited to see where their new homestead is. We wish them the best with The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast, and we look forward to collaborating with them in the future.  I’ll be in Green Bay in 2021, and I am looking forward to meeting them!
  • Maria the Intuitive Energy Healer and her husband Tim for having us to their place for a very powerful Drum Wash to bring in the New Year. Maria has been very supportive and helpful, and we have learned a lot about ourselves and our energies with Maria. She will be on the Small Scale Life Podcast in the very near future.
  • Trish and Bert at their Homestead in Bay City, Wisconsin. We have really enjoyed spending time and talking about homesteading, energies and the old ways with them. We will have one or both on the Small Scale Life Podcast to talk all things Leon in the near future. Freaking Leon!
  • Matt and Savannah for meeting with us at the Drum Wash. It was great talking with them about some very cool topics and old ways.
  • Most importantly, we want to thank you. Thank you for being part of our Small Scale Life. Let’s learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday together!

Thank all of you for listening to this podcast episode, and if you want a shout out in our next Hall of Heroes, get active and participate on Small Scale Life.

What are you grateful for?  Maybe you should tell that person or that organization (or favorite podcaster).  Give it a try!

Do You have a Side Hustle or Business?

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Some of you have great projects, side hustles or businesses. Perhaps I could learn from you, and it would be FREE advertising for your project, side hustle or idea.

Share your story by being on the Small Scale Life Podcast! 

Send a message to me using the Contact Us page on This is your chance to teach us as we continue to learn, do, grow and be a little better everyday!

Topics: Urban Homesteading with Hannah

Urban Homestead, The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast 

Julie and I had a great conversation with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast. It is so much fun to compare notes, talk about where we have been and where we are going in the future with people who “get it.”

This will be the first part of a two episode series with Hannah.  We’ll talk about urban homesteading in this episode, and we’ll talk about wellness in the next episode.  In this episode of the Small Scale Life, we talk about the following topics:


Urban Homesteading Adventures

  • Home Improvement
  • Raised Beds
  • Fruit Trees
  • No Livestock
  • Visit from the 5-OH Yah Dere Eh!

Eagles Ridge Homestead

  • Finding Eagles Ridge
  • How to Slim Down from Infinite Choices
  • Hustling in a Hot Market

The Future Wisconsin Homestead

  • What’s on the Want List?
  • What is their “Ah ha, this is it” Thing?

Links for Finding Hannah and AJ

The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast

The Wisconsin Homestead on Instagram


BONUS Afterparty Audio

Cops De Pere, WI


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Urban Homestead, The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast

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