Warehouse Winery: January Wine Down Wednesday

The stars peaked through the hazy night sky as the might Blooms-Mobile shot through the darkness towards David and Jen’s house.  Julie and I were running a tad late on Date Night, and mainly it was my fault.  I requested and received a nice, short haircut.  After all, no one wants to go to date night with a wookie!  We rolled to a stop and stomped up the icy alley to Dave and Jen’s house, where we proceeded to catch up and sip on some wine for a few minutes.  We did not have too much time at their house; we needed to leave and head over to the Warehouse Winery for the first Wine Down Wednesday event of 2016!

Wine-Down Wednesday

Wine-Down Wednesday at the Warehouse Winery

Wine-Down Wednesday Indeed! 1/13/16

Once again, we arrived at the Warehouse Winery in St. Louis Park and paid our $15 per person entry fee.  We also received one ticket per admission at the door, and we found out later that tickets were exchanged for bottles of wine.  Like the November event, the Warehouse Winery had a band, and we were able to taste four different wines.  It was noticeably busier at this event than November, and I joked that it had to be attributed to my last article here on Small Scale Life.

One noticeable change from the November event was the lack of food at this Wine Down Wednesday.  Some staff brought out popcorn, but it just did not match the food that was provided at the November event.  I noticed that we seemed to drink our wine a touch faster since none of us had eaten much for dinner.  That shortened our stay at the winery.

To make up for the lack of appetizers, the Warehouse Winery did give away bottles of wine.  As I mentioned earlier, we exchange the tickets we received with the entry fee for a bottle of wine.  We ended up going home with four bottles of wine: two for Dave and Jen and two for us.  This is easily a $30 value, and we were happy with that trade-off.

January Wines

Warehouse Winery - A selection of local wines in St. Louis Park, MN

Warehouse Winery – A selection of local wines in St. Louis Park, MN

The Warehouse Winery had the following red wines for tasting in January 2016:

Our collective thoughts on each wine are listed below as well:

  • #12 – Very good wine; Julie and I really enjoyed the peppery taste.  We had a second glass of this wine to finish the night at the Warehouse Winery. Julie thought this one would be great with a big steak.
  • #16 – This was a dry red, which was good.  The group did not like this one as much as #12.
  • #17 – Jen and Dave really enjoyed this wine, and it was a close second.  Really, the group could have gone either way with #12 or #17 and been very happy.
  • #20 – We could taste the oak in this one, which was fairly strong.  It was not a favorite.

The group really enjoyed #12 and #17.  We decided to go with #12 (Julie and I) and #17 (Jen and Dave) for our final glasses.

Upcoming Wine Down Wednesday Events

Wine-Down Wednesday at the Warehouse Winery

Julie and I at the Warehouse Winery – 1/13/16

The Warehouse Winery website continues to list the following dates for Wine Down Wednesdays:

February 10th 2016 6-9pm

March 9th 2016 6-9pm

April 13th 2016 6-9pm

May 11th 2016 6-9pm

June 2016-August 2016 Closed for Summer

September 14th 2016 6-9pm

October 12th 2016 6-9pm

November 9th 2016 6-9pm

December 14th 2016 6-9pm

The Warehouse Winery is not open to the public every night, but they are open for Wine Down Wednesday tastings and also for special events (weddings, corporate parties, etc.).  The Warehouse Winery can also be reserved for group events (i.e., birthday parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, etc.).  As of November 24, 2015, the cost for a group events is on the following sliding scale:

10-25 Guests $20.00 (Per Guest)

25-100 Guests $15.00 (Per Guest)

101-200 Guests $10.00 (Per Guest)

Group Minimum: 10 Guests

Wines to Sample: Up to 5

Check with the Warehouse Winery to confirm availability and current prices.

Your Turn

Dave (Redbeard) and Jen at the Warehouse Winery - 1/13/16

Dave (Redbeard) and Jen at the Warehouse Winery – 1/13/16

Do you have an unusual place that you go for Date Night?  Feel free to share it with us!  We are always looking for new places to go.  Just make sure you get out and have an adventure.


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