Welcome to 2019! It’s time to Renew You! In this 122nd Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, Julie and I discuss the holidays (including my birthday), the rebranding of Small Scale Life, rebuilding the website and the Health and Fitness Renew You.

Topics Discussed

Julie and I discussed the following topics during this podcast:

  1. Holiday Update
  2. Rebranding and the Website Upgrade
  3. Health and Fitness Renew You Kickstart

Listen to Time to Renew You

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Rebranding and Website Upgrade 

2018 was a year of reflection and discovery, planting roots, reconnecting our family; really digging in to figuring out what Small Scale Life is and the direction we want to take it.

During this process, we realized that what we have been working towards personally and with Small Scale Life is building a life we don’t need a vacation from.  We discovered we have four core values, which we call our “pillars.” These are the foundation of building our Small Scale Life. The Pillars are the following:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Minimalism and Simple Living
  • Financial Freedom
  • Building Community

We will be focusing and building on the Four Pillars in 2019, and we will concentrate one pillar per quarter:              –   

As we are learning and growing, we want to share our knowledge with our Small Scale Life Community, so we can learn and grow together.

Renew You – Health and Fitness 

This week will be centered on “kickstarting” our health and fitness goals to set us up for success in 2019.  We want to provide everyone with some key tips that we’ve been learning that will give us a realistic action plan for long-term progress and success.

Here is what you can expect after signing up for the FREE 7-Day Health and Fitness Renew You in 2019 Kickstart:

  • E-mail with a link to the 24 Hour Plan Worksheet
  • Link to the Small Scale Life Facebook Group
  • E-mail with daily tips and podcast (or video) relating to that tip

We also encourage everyone to join our Small Scale Life Facebook Group, where you will find support from all of our Lifers who are in the trenches with you.  The best way to find success is to get active with the community! .

As far as what to expect this coming week (Week of January 7, 2019):

  • Day 1: The 24-Hour Plan Worksheet and Instructions
  • Day 2: Movement
  • Day 3: Nutrition
  • Day 4: Mindset
  • Day 5: Journaling
  • Day 6: Meal Planning and Food Prep (Julie’s favorite)
  • Day 7: Leveling Up and Next Steps

What this is not:  A specific diet, food, or exercise plan!

Sign Up Today!

You can sign up for the Health and Fitness Renew You in 2019 Kickstart on Small Scale Life by clicking on this text. Do it today! You can sign up at any time during the week, month or year. We will keep the 24-Hour Plan Worksheet on the site and all of the content will be available too.

Just….make sure you start. That is the key to starting your best year and creating the best you.

One more thing: we have done a lot of work on the Small Scale Life Website. You should go check it out! If you find anything wrong or links broken, make sure to let us know. We have a new Contact Page as well!