What is Small Scale Gardening?

You might be new to gardening, a grizzled veteran of many summers or new to this concept, and you might be asking that very question.  After all, what can you REALLY do with a small garden?  Can you grow anything in a small garden? What is the point?  After all, bigger is ALWAYS better!

Au contraire, my friends!

In this post and episode, I am defining Small Scale Gardening, and I discuss why it could be a game-changer for new gardeners; veteran gardeners; older or physically challenged gardeners; and renters.  This post and podcast episode will serve as a framework for future gardening projects, articles, podcast episodes and videos.

There are countless ways and methods to garden.  You can easily get overwhelmed with the myriad of choices and options. It is like being a first time homeowner and walking into a Home Depot, Menards, Lowes or other big box store for the first time: you are overwhelmed, confused and paralyzed with options.  When you have too many choices, you really have no choices at all!

As I tell students and people every year:

“You can grow plants anywhere and in anything as long as you provide the three basic elements: light, water and nutrients.” 

At Small Scale Gardening, we are focusing on those basic elements.  We will be focusing on container gardens, raised bed gardens, Wicking Bed Gardens, Rain Gutter Grow Systems, hydroponic systems and vertical gardens. We use our small space wisely, and this concept promotes flexibility and production in a small space.

The beauty of these systems is that you can use them anywhere: in our yard, on our patio, in an allotment, on a deck, or on a driveway! This gardening concept will serve as a framework for future projects, articles, podcast episodes and videos. 

My mission is to inspire you to try one or more elements of Small Scale Gardening.  You don’t have a black thumb. You can grow where ever you are.

For more information and links, see the article on Small Scale Gardening titled “Why Small Scale Gardening?”

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