Workout Plan – Week of 5/15/16

I am having one of THOSE weeks!  You know the type: things have not gone according to plan and seem to spiral down a bottomless black hole.  Yeah, it is one of those weeks.  I haven’t worked out for a a week now, and I am late putting this post up on the blog.  I just needed to get my rear in gear and look at the numbers, and get my head right.  It is time to get back on track with the diet and workout plan, and I have been putting a few pieces together to help push me over the hump and see some weight loss results again.

Diet Plan

[tweetthis]”You cannot out-work a bad diet.”[/tweetthis]

I have been learning this over and over each week.  The research backs it up as well.  In my own case, I have been on this weight loss journey since October 2015.  I was experiencing some decent weight loss during the fitness challenges, but in February, things really leveled off for me.  I have been trying to break through that plateau ever since.  I believe I have isolated the issue to three problem foods for me:

  • Carbohydrates – Chips, breads, potatoes, dairy (milk and yogurt), beans and sweets fit into this category.  My usual culprits are chips, breads and dairy. I am really clamping down on these and essentially starting a carbohydrate management diet from the American Diabetes Association.
  • Alcohol – Yes, I have been known to have a cocktail or two on the weekend, and I am taking steps to reduce the amount of alcohol I consume.  I have found that my alcohol consumption leads to poor eating choices, especially late at night.
  • Diet Soda – This is an area that I haven’t talked about before, but I have been drinking a lot of Diet Dew during a given day (i.e., 44 ounces a day).  The research is showing that you not only gain weight drinking diet soda, but it can also shorten your life.  This could be holding me back, so I am adjusting and making healthier substitutions.

I am doing research and am learning.  I am talking with others who have had success.  However, learning and research are wasted unless that knowledge is used.  It is time to move forward:

  • Tracking – I didn’t track over the weekend, but I have been tracking last week and this week.  I can see that a trend line is starting: protein is going up and carbohydrates are falling.  That is what I want to see.
  • Diet Soda – I haven’t had a Diet Dew since 5/12/16 and a diet soda since 5/13/16.
  • Working Out – Time to get back into the gym and pool.

I am moving forward.  It is a long road stretching ahead of me, and it won’t always be easy.  I am starting down this path once again armed with new knowledge and new methods.

Calories Consumption Graph, Myfitnesspal

Calories consumed over the past month (Source: as of 5/17/16

Carbohydrates consumed over the past month (Source: as of 5/17/16

Carbohydrates consumed over the past month (Source: as of 5/17/16

Protein Consumption Graph

Protein consumed over the past month (Source: as of 5/17/16

Workout Plan

We have established that you cannot outwork a bad diet, but regular, consistent exercise helps push the body along. I have outlined my workout plan below for this week.  I am tracking my workouts, and I am getting stronger. However, I am already behind the 8-ball with Monday and Tuesday, but the sun rises in the east in the morning.  We start each day with a clean slate.  With that in mind, here is my workout plan for this week.

Day Planned Exercise Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 5/15/16 Garden Work Garden Work 120 minutes
Monday 5/16/16 None None None
Tuesday 5/17/16

Field Work

Garden Work

Field Work

Garden Work

8 hours

60 minutes

Wednesday 5/18/16

Lift Weights – Leg Day


Thursday 5/19/16 Swim 1 mile
Friday 5/20/16

Spin Class

Lift Weights – Upper Body

Saturday 5/21/16 Elliptical Trainer or Walk

Next Steps

Focus goals reset and push forward with determination

I am going to admit it: it isn’t easy changing my life.  It isn’t easy to stay positive when you aren’t making any progress.  It gets under my skin and messes with my head.  I get frustrated when others have some success, but I don’t.

I have to deal with the problems and the struggle.  It is real.  I am working through it.  I am not a perfect person.  I am not on a pedestal.  I am a human standing with you, and I make mistakes and fail.

However, the sun still rises in the east each morning.  Failure and the struggle are necessary for growth.  It is necessary to deal with what is holding me back and to figure out how to overcome these problems.  My dreams are out there; my goals have been written on these pages.  It is time to achieve them.  I am not getting any younger.

I have listened to this video over and over and over and over in the last couple days.  It has become my favorite YouTube video.  It is powerful and life-changing.  The speaker’s statements echoes:

  1. I don’t have to go through life being a victim.
  2. It is necessary that I work on myself.
  3. I have greatness within me.
  4. I am more powerful than I can ever imagine.
  5. It is possible; I can have my dream.