Workout Plan – Week of 6/13/16

Thank you all for hanging in with me during last week’s workout plan post.  My frustration with the long, long plateau was bleeding through, and some of you reached out and provided comments here on the blog, on the Small Scale Life page on Facebook and in personal messages.  If you listen to the Small Scale Life Podcast that I will post this week, I was in a rut, and a lot of things were bogging me down.

Fortunately, it is a new week, and I have some REALLY good news  for you all: I have punched through my plateau and am moving forward.  FINALLY!  I am approaching a magical milestone: breaking out of the 290’s and moving into the 280’s.  That is still a lot of weight, and I have a long way to go.  I am making steps, and I will continue to show you the data and talk about what I am doing in my workout plan for this week.

Weight Loss; Weight Tracker; MyFitnessPal

Progress! I am about to break into the 280’s! (Source: as of 6/13/16

Diet Plan

Let’s start with the diet data and see what is working and what is not.  If you recall, I am really focused on reducing carbohydrates, limiting alcohol, and eliminating diet soda.  As you can see below, I was on track until the weekend. Unfortunately, I had family in town for my mom’s birthday party and a graduation party, and obviously I had a lot of fun at both.  I knew there would be hell to pay, but I knew I would be cranking it up this week.

While I blew my goals on Saturday and Sunday, I was REALLY pleased to see that my carbs were below the goal all week, even on the days I really blew it.  Protein was off the charts, especially today (which is interesting).  I am really happy about that, and I am going to really focus on what I am eating.  As you can tell from the picture above from the Small Scale Life Instagram page, I am really trying to keep it simple and healthy and eat a lot of chicken, salad and other veggies (soon to be from the garden).

Calories consumed over the past week (Source: as of 6/14/16

Calories consumed over the past week (Source: as of 6/14/16

Carbs consumed over the past week (Source: as of 6/13/16

Carbs consumed over the past week (Source: as of 6/13/16

Protein consumed over the past week (Source: as of 6/13/16

Protein consumed over the past week (Source: as of 6/13/16

Workout Plan

I am off to a great start on my workout plan this week!  I completed an early-morning cycling class with Jules yesterday, and I hit the weight room this morning and completed Leg Day.  I certainly prefer upper body workouts, but one cannot ignore the core and legs.  I had a good workout: leg press, squats, leg curl, leg extensions, calf raises, abs and hyper extensions.  I am sure my friend Jay Dolan will remind me to work in deadlifts and lunges.  He is probably right.  I’ll include them on Friday.

As I think about the last week and complete the workout matrix, I wonder if my personality (ENFP) is taking over.  I usually list quite a bit of exercise and activity, but life can happen and get in the way of completing everything listed. Perhaps I need to be very intentional and deliberate, and that would help me to stick to the plan.  It is something I will think about as I move forward this week.

Here is the workout plan for this week; time to get it done.

Day Planned Exercise Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 6/12/16 None – Party Gardening 4 hours
Monday 6/13/16 Cycling Class  Cycling Class 45 minutes
Tuesday 6/14/16 Lift Weights – Leg Day Light Weights – Leg Day! 1 hour
Wednesday 6/15/16

Lift Weights – Upper Body

Field Work

Lift Weights – Leg Day
Thursday 6/16/16 Swim 1 mile
Friday 6/17/16

Lift Weights – Leg Day

Cycling Class

Saturday 6/18/16


Caddy for a Golf Tournament

Next Steps

Light the fire in your life; meme; training; weights; weight lifting; mindset; warrior; wolves

Question to consider…

My friend Jay Dolan asked me this question late last week. Stop and think about his question for a minute.  When are you going to get sick and tired of being sick and tired? When will you have enough of the garbage this culture rams down your throat and take your life back?  When will you stand and say:

  • “No, I won’t eat or drink that.”
  • “No, I won’t watch that show; I have other things to do.”
  • “No, I won’t waste all of my time on social media, staring at a faceless screen. I want to do something else with my time (like talk with people, swim in a lake or kayak in rapids).”
  • No, I won’t waste time arguing with people about X, Y and Z because my time and energy are more precious and valuable than their opinion.”

Get out there.  Get active. Learn a skill. Do the work. Grow something (your skills, your mind, a garden, whatever). Take back the power and control in your life.

Or do nothing. Watch another worthless show about the Kardashians, drink beer and eat chips.  The choice is yours.

What is it going to take to light the fire in your life?