Workout Plan – Week of 7/17/16

Where the has the month gone?  What happened?  Well, AAU Traveling Basketball and a work trip to Madison, Wisconsin, happened.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Travel does tend to suck up time and resources, and it also provided a way for a guy like me to drink beer, have fattening food and really not work out or track like I should have.  Yep, I got sloppy and I took advantage of the situation, and it wasn’t good for me.  I am going to focus on getting back on track with my diet and workout plan this week, and it is time to get moving forward again.

Diet Plan

In my last update, I talked about starting and trying the 21 Day Fix Diet.  Well, here is a blunt update:

I am not really into it, and I am not following it.  

Yes, I was traveling, and yes, I got really sloppy with my calorie consumption and working out.  At the same time, I just was getting to mixed up between MyFitnessPal and the 21 Day Fix and the reduced carbohydrate plan from the American Diabetes Association.  It is too many plans going on at the same time!  I can’t multitask like that; it gets me confused.  When I am confused, I get grumpy.  When I am grumpy, then I do none of it.  That is how I roll.

Moving forward, I am going to keep moving ahead with what was working:

  • Reducing carbohydrates while increasing proteins and greens
  • Eliminating soda, sugary drinks and foods while drinking more water
  • Severely limiting alcohol

Attacking these areas of weakness was working pretty well in June, and I need to get back to focusing on what was working, doing the work and sticking with it.  I have to be consistent and track everything or it is not going to work.

Going forward, beer is NOT in the diet plan.   As Forrest Gump says, “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Workout Plan

Dumbbells; Gym; Weight Lifting; Weight Loss; Weight Loss Journey

Dumbbells at the Gym

Fortunately, I started the week off with a much needed kick in the ass.  I got back to the YMCA and hit the pool on Sunday and followed it up by working in the yard and garden for several hours.  On Monday, I went with Julie to a Cycling Class, and today we went for a 3 mile walk in the hot and humid Minnesota sun.  Each exercise reminded me that I have been slacking off for the past few weeks, but the key is that I completed the work.  I need to keep going, and now it is time to throw some weights around!

Getting back to the weight room starts Wednesday morning.  Talking with Jay, Julie and doing some research, I will be increasing my weight training.  I will talk about that in a future article.  In the meantime, here is my workout plan for the Week of 7/17/16.

Day  Planned Exercise  Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 7/17/16 Swim 1 mile in pool

Swim 1 mile


Yard Work

60 minutes

3 hours

Monday 7/18/16 Cycle Class Cycle Class 1 hour
Tuesday 7/19/16 3 mile Walk

3 mile Walk


48 minutes

1.5 hours

Wednesday 7/20/16 Weight Lifting – Leg Day! minutes
Thursday 7/21/16

Weight Lifting – Upper Body

Swim 3/4 mile in the pool

Friday 7/22/16 Weight Lifting – Leg Day! minutes
Saturday 7/23/16

Work for Julia’s Blooms

Kayak in Lake Calhoun



Next Steps

Workout; Saying; Memes; Weight Loss Journey; Pool; Kick Boards

It is time to push myself and get moving forward again.  Discipline is the key for my weight loss journey and this blog.  It has been far too easy to get sloppy, not do the work and not pay attention to details.

The day of reckoning is here, and it is time to stuff done.  This is all about changing my mindset, dealing with the soreness and getting stuff done.

No pain, no gain. As Shinedown so eloquently put it their song “State of My Head”

“It’s been a long bumpy ride sitting back in the saddle
It’s time to get down, dirty up our knees in the battle
Come on, round up the boys, gonna make the walls rattle
Oh, our flag is tattered
And our bones are shattered
But it doesn’t matter
‘Cause we’re moving forward”

Learn. Do. Grow.  It is the only way forward!