Workout Plan – Week of 8/22/16

A new week is here!  I was dragging a bit late last week and this morning, but Julie got me up and moving for an early morning cycling class.  It is a pain to get up that early, but I (and you) have to change my (and your) mindset about it: get the workout done early, and you are ready to hit the day!  That frees up my afternoon and evening for other things (like gardening, podcasting and blogging).  I sluffed a bit with my workout plan late last week, but I am getting momentum as we roll through August.  A new Healthy Lifestyle Podcast (HELP) and future fitness challenge are getting me jazzed up. Once again, I lay out my diet and workout plan in this post. Time to get more fit, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle!

Diet Plan

[tweetthis]It is said that weight loss starts in the kitchen. Garbage in = garbage out.[/tweetthis]

I have been focusing on three key areas that have historically tripped me up with weight loss.  For the past few months, I have been focusing on the following three items:

  • Reducing carbohydrates while increasing proteins and greens 
  • Eliminating soda, sugary drinks and foods while drinking more water 
  • Severely limiting alcohol

I have been doing a pretty good job with two of the three bullet points above, so it is time for a change.  Until October, I am going to focus on the following three items:

  • Reducing carbohydrates (reducing bread and chips – this one is a tough one for me)
  • Getting more sleep (at least 7 hours per day – when you are tired you eat more)
  • Tracking everything in the Myfitnesspal application (you can’t manage what you aren’t measuring)

I will weigh myself on Wednesday mornings and update this post at that time.

Workout Plan

Pool YMCA Ridgedale, Minnesota

The pool lanes are open; time to get stuff done!

This week should be interesting: I am doing some field work and then I will be working at the Minnesota State Fair on Thursday (first day of the Fair) and Saturday.  I will be on my feet in a hot building for several hours.  Based on that, I have made some adjustments to my workout schedule with weight lifting this week.  It is off to a good start with a tough cycle class early on Monday morning!

Here is how my workout plan looks for the Week of 8/21/16.  As you can see, I am going to be swimming a bit more.

Day  Planned Exercise  Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 8/21/16 None None  None
Monday 8/22/16 Cycle Class Cycle Class – Climbing and Intervals 45 minutes
Tuesday 8/23/16

Field Work

Cardio – Swimming

Field Work

Cardio – Swimming – 3/4 mile

7 hours

40 minutes

Wednesday 8/24/16 None None None
Thursday 8/25/16 Cycle Class Cycle Class – Intervals 45 minutes
Friday 8/26/16

MN State Fair

Walk to/from booth at State Fair

MN State Fair

Walk to/from booth at State Fair

3 hours

20 minutes

Saturday 8/27/16

MN State Fair


Walk to/from booth at State Fair

MN State Fair

Walk to/from Vehicle – 1.5 miles

Walk to/from booth at State Fair

6 hours

24 minutes

20 minutes

Sunday 8/28/16 Walk Walk around Lake Calhoun – 5 miles 86 minutes

Next Steps and Podcast Rollout

Here is a quick update on the next steps and new podcast that is coming out:

  • Workout Plan Updates will be posted by Saturday (latest). Ok, this post is coming a little late on Monday, but it is out at the beginning of the week.  My apologies!
  • Begin the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast. I will be starting the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast (HELP) that is essentially an weekly accountability podcast with Drew Sample from  I might have a few additional shows with others who have expressed interest in being on the show and talking about their weight loss journey.  As I mentioned in last week’s update, this podcast will be where we talk about progress during the week: what is working, what isn’t working and how we are going to reach our individual goals.  Who knows? Maybe we’ll share meal planning, workout and other topics.  The key is that we are NOT trained fitness or diet professionals, but we are just some people interested in living healthier lifestyles, getting more fit and losing some extra weight.  UPDATE: The first Healthy Lifestyle Podcast has been published and is available here!
  • Launch a New Fitness Challenge. There have been more than a few folks asking about the next Kwitchyerbellyakin Fitness Challenge, and we continue to talk about this and plan it out.  Expect a podcast about this in the near future.

Great things are coming!  Stay tuned to Small Scale Life!

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