Workout Plan – Week of March 27, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend!  We always have a fantastic time and meal at Julie’s aunt and uncle’s place west of the Twin Cities, and it was exceptional on Sunday!  Unfortunately, I did not workout on Friday (work and travel), Saturday (wedding work all day and into the night) or Sunday (morning church, travel, dinner and travel).  Not a great end to the week!  I did, however, make it to the pool this morning and swam a mile.  That is a good start to the week, and I need to keep the momentum going with my workout plan for the Week of March 27, 2016.

Week of March 27, 2016

Fox River Trail for a 6-Mile Walk

Along the Fox River Trail for a 6-Mile Walk 10/19/2015

For this week, I am going to up my cardio and complete three days of weight lifting with Ryan.  The general plan is listed below, and so far, so good!

Day Planned Exercise Actual Exercise Time
 Sunday 3/27/16  None – Easter None
Monday 3/28/16  Swim 1 mile Swam 1 mile 0:57:40
Tuesday 3/29/16  Swim 1 mile  Swam 1 mile 0:56:00
Wednesday 3/30/16

Bike for 60 minutes

Light Weights – Upper Body

 Bike 17.2 miles  1:05:00
Thursday 3/31/16 Swim 1 mile  Bike 12 miles  0:45:30
Friday 4/1/16  Lift Weights – Leg Day!  None
Saturday 4/2/16  Bike for 60 minutes  None

Summary of Week of March 20, 2016

How did last week shake out?  Overall, it was good to get back in the pool and the gym.  I had a good stretch in the middle of the week, but faltered in the gym toward the end of the week.  On Thursday afternoon, I received a call to respond to an emergency.  After working and traveling home all day on Friday, I just didn’t have the motivation to go and work out.

Saturday was a busy day as well: we had a big wedding to deliver, flip after the ceremony and then tear down after midnight.  I “worked out” by lifting, carrying and moving floral arrangements, boxes and pedestals.  It is always an adventure, and the flips are “go-go-go!”

Day Planned Exercise Actual Exercise Time
 Saturday 3/19/16  Swim 1 mile Swam 1.2 miles
Sunday 3/20/16  None None
Monday 3/21/16  Lift Weights – Leg Day! Walked 3 miles 50 minutes
Tuesday 3/22/16  Swim – 1 mile Swam 0.9 miles 52 minutes
Wednesday 3/23/16  Lift Weights – Upper Body Lifted Weights – Upper Body 45 minutes
Thursday 3/24/16  Swim – 1 mile Swam 0.9 miles 51 minutes
Friday 3/25/16  Lift Weights – Leg Day! None – Travel and Work
Saturday 3/26/16  Walk or Swim None – Worked for Julia’s Blooms 

Final Thoughts

“Climb out of hell….one inch at a time.”

Workout wise, I didn’t end the week well, but there is good news:

[tweetthis]War isn’t won or lost in a week. You have to pick yourself up, reset & push forward until you achieve your goal[/tweetthis]

Focus goals reset and push forward with determination

This week, I will be consistent in the gym and pool, and I will keep up with tracking food in MyFitnessPal.  I need to break through this plateau and get moving in the right direction.  It will happen. I will do it.

How are you doing?  Are you keeping up with your goals?  Do you have strategies for achieving your goals?  What is working for you?