Workout Plan – Week of 7/31/16

Where the has July gone?  What happened?  Well, AAU Traveling Basketball and a work trip to Madison, Wisconsin, happened.  Time flies when you are having fun.  Travel does tend to suck up time and resources, and it also provided a way for a guy like me to drink beer, eat junk food and really not work out or track like I should have.  Yep, I got sloppy and old habits reared their ugly head.  July wasn’t good for me, and my weight went up about 10 pounds.   Yes, that happened.  No, I am not happy about it. I did step on the scale on Thursday, and I am happy to report that I am down 3 pounds for the week!  I am getting back on track with my diet and workout plan, so let’s talk about what I have been doing.

Diet Plan

I have gotten back to focusing on three areas that have historically tripped me up:

  • Reducing carbohydrates while increasing proteins and greens (reducing munching on breads and chips; eating more salad and green veggies)
  • Eliminating soda, sugary drinks and foods while drinking more water (staying away from Diet Mountain Dew, energy drinks and ice cream/sweets)
  • Severely limiting alcohol (stay away from beer and wine….oh yes, the beer and wine)

I am working on tracking everything in the Myfitnesspal application again, and it is showing.  As of this morning, I have burned off 3 of the 10 pounds I gained in July.  I am going to be consistent and persistent, and with veggie harvests from the garden coming up soon, I am going to be busy preserving healthy veggies and making healthy foods and smoothies.

Workout Plan

Dumbbells; Gym; Weight Lifting; Weight Loss; Weight Loss Journey

Dumbbells at the Gym

I started the week off right on Saturday by hitting the Chain of Lakes here in Minneapolis in the trusty Otter Kayak. It was hot on the water, but it is always better to have a lot of fun while working out, don’t you think?

For the rest of the week, I have been hitting the gym and the pool.  I was REALLY sore after my workout on Monday, and my muscles were not liking the pool on Tuesday.  I swam a mile, but my time was really slow compared to more recent sessions.  Fortunately, soreness is weakness crying and only temporary. I had a great workout today in the gym and the pool.

My weekend will be fun on the water.  I am looking forward to paddling some more and working on my balance and endurance.  Here is how my workout plan looks for the week so far.

Day  Planned Exercise  Actual Exercise  Time 
Saturday 7/30/16 Kayaking Kayak
Lake of the Isles
Cedar Lake
90 minutes
Sunday 7/31/16 Gardening Gardening 4 hours
Monday 8/1/16 Weight Lifting – Upper Body Weight Lifting – Upper Body 55 minutes
Tuesday 8/2/16 Cardio – Swimming  Swam 1 mile 75 minutes
Wednesday 8/3/16 Work outside in the field  Work outside in the Field 6 hours
Thursday 8/4/16

Weight Lifting – Leg Day!

Cardio – Swimming

Work outside in the field

 Weight Lifting – Leg Day!

Swam 1/2 mile

Work outside in the Field

30 minutes

35 minutes

6 hours

Friday 8/5/16 None None minutes
Saturday 8/6/16 Gardening Gardening 2 hours

Next Steps

Workout plan; rowing; diet plan; fitness; kayak; spin class; weight training; cardio; weight loss journey; Wisconsin; Long Lake

Time to get back to kayaking in crystal clear waters in the North Woods!

My motto this week is:

[tweetthis]Keep moving; have fun![/tweetthis]

I can do this! August is a new month, and it is time to do this right.  I have some miles to go to catch up to where I was in June, but it can and will be done.

How is your summer treating you?  Are you on track for meeting your weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals?