Workout Plan – Week of 8/28/16

This is going to be a wild and interesting week! I am on the road and traveling, and unlike my travels in July, I am going to be focused on eating better and getting some workouts done.  It will be a challenge to stick to my workout plan this week, that’s for sure!

Diet Plan

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Yesterday's harvest: pole beans, parsley, tomatoes (Opalka Roma, San Marzano and a cherry), and green peppers. Not a bad haul! I was fiddling around in the garden like a mad scientist yesterday. I'll have to show you what I was doing in another post. As I was experimenting, I was checking out my garden. Sure, there were some setbacks from blight and critters, but I am really excited with the amount of food this little garden is about to produce. Remember: I have less than 130 square feet – four raised beds, one small zucchini patch, two wicking beds, two containers for potatoes and 2 rain gutters. That isn't much space at all! You can do this too, even in the snow and cold! I will show you how to start with a really easy system soon (I am testing it out first). Stay tuned!

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As I mentioned last week, I am focusing on the following three items until October:

  • Reducing carbohydrates (reducing bread and chips – this one is a tough one for me)
  • Getting more sleep (at least 7 hours per day – when you are tired you eat more)
  • Tracking everything in the Myfitnesspal application (you can’t manage what you aren’t measuring)

I have to say that I was not great at getting more sleep at the end of last week, and I have been paying for it since Saturday.  I have been pretty wiped out, and I even took a nap after the Minnesota State Fair on Saturday and slept in on Sunday.  I was exhausted, and I have been trying to play catch-up ever since.  I will try to get more sleep this week.

Workout Plan

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Time to hit the water again!

This week should be interesting: I am on the road and need to be creative with my workout plan.  I know Drew Sample mentioned the DDP Yoga on Episode 1 of the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast, and looking at my workout plan below, I will be doing a lot of walking.  I might have to mix it up by trying DDP Yoga (see the Diamond Dallas Page’s YouTube Channel).

Here is how my workout plan looks for the Week of 8/28/16.

Day  Planned Exercise  Actual Exercise  Time 
Sunday 8/28/16 Walk Walk around Lake Calhoun – 5 mile 86 minutes
Monday 8/29/16 Walk Walk 40 minutes
Tuesday 8/30/16 Walk None 0 minutes
Wednesday 8/31/16 Walk None 0 minutes
Thursday 9/1/16 Walk None 0 minutes
Friday 9/2/16 Walk Walk 40 minutes
Saturday 9/3/16




0 minutes

0 minutes

Sunday 9/4/16 Cabin Activities Pull out docks, raft and move materials 3 hours

Next Steps

Looking forward this week, we will be working on the following  items:

  • PodcastDrew Sample and I will be recording the second episode of the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast this week, and we will check in our progress this week.  I won’t be able to weight myself, but we will talk about how we are doing with our plans.
  • Weight Loss Challenge – We will be launching our own Weight Loss Challenge through the Kwitchyerbellyakin Fitness Challenge Group on Facebook.  I am planning to provide more details and information soon.

Stay tuned to Small Scale Life!