Americans seem to have forgotten the painful lessons learned in the Crash of 2008.  As the New York Times recently reported: “Americans have now borrowed more money than they had at the height of the credit bubble in 2008, just as the global financial system began to collapse.”  Brutal.  How quickly we forget the panic and the stress of those times!  For Julie and me, those memories are burned in our memory, and we have been working to becoming debt free in our own lives.  We took one more big step towards becoming debt free yesterday, and by early July, we will be completely debt free!  Like losing weight or learning a skill, it takes patience, time and hard work.  Fortunately, there are resources out there to help you!

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The American Scheme: keeping up with the Joneses. Guess what? They’re broke!

In this podcast, I discuss the following:

    1. New Tech and Podcast Hosting
    2. On the Road Again
      • Lake Mills, Wisconsin
      • Winona, Minnesota
    3. Becoming Debt Free
    4. Resources For Becoming Debt Free

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