In today’s Small Scale Life Podcast, I am interviewing Adam Rick about his Grass Fed Farm Business that focuses on Regenerative Agriculuture principles and protocols.  Adam and his partners are building soil in old over-fertilized farm fields in Central Wisconsin one animal (cow, pig, chicken and sheep) at a time. 

Did I mention that Adam’s partners are Amish?  It is a fascinating story about working with the Amish community to raise fantastic tasting food.

Meet Adam Rick

Regen Ag, Regenerative Agriculture, Grass Fed Farm, Small Business, Amish

Adam has been a homesteader for eight years. He is located in Ottawa, Wisconsin, with his wife and two children. We connected through Facebook (probably The Survival Podcast), and we share a lot more in common than just being handsome, being Wisconsinites and having a homestead.  We’ll cover those connections in the next episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast.  It really is amazing how small the world is!

Two years ago, Adam got an opportunity to be partner in and salesman for an Amish co-op.  This co-op is beyond a grass fed farm: they are focusing on using principles and protocols of Regenerative Agriculture to raise chickens, pork and cows.  Adam and his Amish partners are building soil on tired, played out farm fields one animal at a time.

It has been a slow and steady project bringing this co-op into reality.  Adam talks about how the Amish do things in the episode.  He says it is like herding cats at times, and I imagine any co-op will have this kind of thing happening.  At time of the recording, Adam said that things would accelerate in the Spring of 2022.

How About Accelerating Plans…..Now?

This week, Adam was laid off from his position. After many discussions, Adam’s wife told him to push on the Grass Fed Farm Business and make their living off the homestead.  After all, it is what Adam loves, and maybe Odin is giving Adam a strong shove to get this business going and growing.

Adam is part of our community, of my community, and I want to help him out. This is what we do here at Small Scale Life.


Buy from Adam’s Grass Fed Farm Business – A Modern Frontier Farms

Regen Ag, Regenerative Agriculture, Grass Fed Farm, Small Business, Amish

I am happy to announce a deal for you all.  You can now buy quality grass fed meat (raised using Regenerative Agriculture protocols and principles) at the following site:


Meat Boxes Currently for Sale:


A Butcher’s Dozen Ground Beef

13 pounds of grass fed ground beef, packed in 1 pound packages.


1/8 Grass Fed Beef Box

Qty. Weight Cut
2 12 oz. Ribeye Steaks
2 6 oz. New York Strip Steaks
1 1-1.25 lb. Sirloin Steak
1 1.2 lb. Round Steak
2 8 oz. Stew Meat
1 9 oz. Filet Mignon
1 2.25 lb. Rump or Sirloin Tip Roast
1 2.25 lb. Chuck Roast
8 1 lb. pkgs (4 patties) Ground Beef Patties
6 1 lb. pkgs (6 wieners) Beef Wieners
10 1 lb. pkgs Ground Beef

Approximate Pounds per Box = 35-37


Use code SMALL (in all caps) and you will get $25 off and beef, pork or chicken box.  That’s right, use code SMALL (in all caps) and get $25 off!


You can chat with Adam on the site if you have any questions, or you can email him at

For full disclosure: this is not an affiliate for me or Small Scale Life. I want to help a friend get this business going.  I receive no payments or percentages from any sales; I am just helping a friend out.

Hall of Heroes – Gratitude

hall of heroes, gratitude, practicing gratitude quote

“It’s hard to have a bad day when you START your day with gratitude.”

As part of intentionally Practicing Gratitude, I am starting this podcast episode by recognizing some folks who have been active on Small Scale Life.

These folks have reached the Hall of Heroes for this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast:

  • Deadly Driving Conditions and Weather – I traveled to Detroit Lakes, Minnesota (east of Fargo), and experienced some of the worst driving conditions I have ever experienced. I am grateful I made it safe and sound and have a warm hotel room with WIFI!

  • Adam Rick for being a great guest on the Small Scale Life Podcast.  I hope some of you take a chance and buy some meat from Adam!

  • Greg Burns for all of his hillbilly wisdom that just seems to show up all the time.  I am also grateful that Greg is coming back on the show to catch up with us!

  • Brian Aleksivich from the LOTS Project and Fireside Freedom Podcast for being a great guest on the Small Scale Life Podcast and organizing the Fireside Freedom Podcast. That has been a really fun project so far!  Episode 2 is out, and you should listen to it!

  • Toolman Tim Cook from Toolman Tim’s Workshop for being understanding on Monday.  I had to reschedule our interview because of a massive pantry project happening at Driftless Oaks Farm.  The pantry is simply awesome!  Thanks, Tim, for being great!

  • Finally, I would like to thank all of you!  Thanks for hanging in there with us and coming back to the listen to the show.  There are a lot of choices out there, and I am glad you have come back to listen to our little show.  I’ll continue to bring on good guests and have some good topics in the future.

Thank all of you for listening to this podcast episode, and if you want a shout out in our next Hall of Heroes, get active and participate on Small Scale Life.

What are you grateful for?  Maybe you should tell that person or that organization (or favorite podcaster).  Give it a try!

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Regen Ag, Regenerative Agriculture, Grass Fed Farm, Small Business, Amish

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