Happy Halloween, Lifers!  In this episode on a spooky Halloween night, I break my silence and restart the Small Scale Life Podcast. I talk about our new farm in Western Wisconsin and starting to live at our farm. Specific topics include the following:

  1. Happy Halloween and Introduction
  2. Gratitude Practice – Shout Outs and Thank Yous
  3. Driftless Oaks Farm
    a. Outbuildings
    b. Fruit Trees, Berries, Grapes and Perenials
    c. Pens/Paddocks
    d. The Blue Barn
    e. The Chicken Coop
  4. Small Scale Life Podcast
  5. “Harvest” by Osi and the Jupiter
  6. Final Remarks – Happy Halloween!

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“Harvest” from Osi and the Jupiter

As part of the show and part of a great Halloween treat, I play a song called “Harvest.” Special thanks to Sean at Osi and the Jupiter for writing and recording the song at the end of the podcast episode.

You can find Osi and the Jupiter at the following places using the links below:

I really enjoy Sean’s Appalachian/Norse/Folk style.  He was a pleasure to work with on this song (he made it exclusively for use on the Small Scale Life Podcast, which totally cool)!

Boy, wouldn’t it be awesome to have him perform at Drifless Oaks Farm?  That would be totally cool.  The Blue Pen behind our Blue Barn might be a cold place, but I would have to get enough power down the hill. It would almost serve as an amplitheater with folks sitting on the hill overlooking Sean.  Interesting thought!

Realistically, it would be on the back deck.  It would be sweet to see Sean playing under the Big Chief, our 225 year old Burr Oak that watches over our backyard, the house and The Landing (the Small Scale Life Podcast Studio). That would be totally cool!

Happy Halloween!

It was a great first Halloween at Driftless Oaks Farm.  While we didn’t have any trick-or-treaters, it was a beautful night.  I enoyed podcasting and livestreaming, even through the internet was a little gamey when it broadcasted the video. 

I am going to have to evaluate that going forward, especially since interviews and collaboration projects are on the table and on the agenda.  More on that….later.

I hope you had a great and happy Halloween.  I’ll be back soon with more content. Stay tuned!

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Happy Halloween, Driftless Oaks Farm, Sunset

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