Many people are looking for ways to ditch the commutes, stress, grind, cube farm life and endless meetings of the corporate world.  We would rather develop intentional, self-sufficient and sustainable lives.  Even though we want to be more self-sufficient, the reality is that we need to have money to pay the bills and squirrel money away for a rainy day.  Starting your own small business is one way to escape the corporate world.  I recently had Michael Jordan from A Bee Friendly Company on Small Scale Life to discuss the various business opportunities with beekeeping.  As I learned in this conversation, beekeeping is a billion dollar business if done right!

Who is Michael Jordan?  Michael is a husband, father, teacher, bee whisperer and entrepreneur, and he is a MVP of beekeeping and award-winning mead maker.  To find out more about Michael Jordan and how he got into mead and beekeeping, check out the following Small Scale Life episodes:

Watch the episode here (special thanks to my friend Todd Ehrhardt at Life’s Adventure Film for the cool logo at the start of this video):

Billion Dollar Show Topics

Bee; Bees; Honey; Pollen; Podcast; Small Scale Life; Homestead; Homesteading; Permaculture; Prepping; beekeeping; small business; mead; Michael Jordan; Beekeeping Questions and Answers

Bees hard at work in the yard in St. Louis Park, MN in June 2017

In this episode, Michael Jordan and I discuss the following topics:

  • Basic Beekeeping Costs and Revenue
    • Getting Started
    • Developing Skills
    • Selling Packages
  • Meads
  • Honey Co-Ops
  • Thinking Bigger
    • Farmer’s Markets
    • Granola Companies
    • Breweries
  • Other Business Ideas
    • Soaps
    • Wax
    • Meads
    • Packages
  • Using Resources Wisely


[tweetthis]”The object is to do the job you love, but do it minimally so you can enjoy your life” – Michael Jordan[/tweetthis]

Michael Jordan’s Links

Bee; Bees; Honey; Pollen; Podcast; Small Scale Life; Homestead; Homesteading; Permaculture; Prepping; beekeeping; small business; mead

Live a little; love a lot! Learn to make meads from the Bee Whisperer. I can’t wait to share a drink with this guy at Hogtoberfest 2017

Michael Jordan is a bee whisperer, mead-maker extraordinaire and a great teacher.  If you want to learn more about beekeeping and mead-making, check out the following links:

  1. Permaethos Class on Beekeeping
  2. A Bee Friendly Company Facebook Page
  3. The Undergound Meadery Facebook Page – Must be over 21 years old
  4. Michael Jordan’s YouTube Video
  5. Small Scale Life Podcast – Michael Jordan’s Beekeeping Journey – S2E16
  6. Small Scale Life Podcast – Michael Jordan Beekeeping Questions and Answers – S2E18
  7. The Survival Podcast Expert Panel – Fridays on The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko
  8. The Sample Hour Podcast – A special thank you to my friend Drew Sample for connecting me with Michael Jordan!  Check out the Michael Jordan on The Sample Hour:

Special thanks to Austin Quinn from Vlog Vibes for the closing music on the podcast.  If you are looking for music for your video blog or podcast, check out Vlog Vibes on YouTube!

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