Three Questions for 2016 – S1E3

In this episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, Jay and I discuss the following topics:

  1. Blog Merger – Why I decided to merge and
  2. Snow Apocalypse 2016 – Snowstorm that hit the Eastern Seaboard and how people are not prepared for a life’s disasters. How can you prepare for natural disasters?  What did Jay learn from this experience?  The photo on the cover for this podcast is Jay’s from the snowstorm
  3. Jon Acuff’s Three Questions for 2016 – Setting a path for success in the new year
  4. Learn Do Grow – What are we doing over the next week?


Links for this podcast:

I mention or discuss the following sites and articles in this podcast:

  1. Small Scale Life Blog –
  2. Small Scale Gardening Blog –
  3. Jay’s A Crash Into Life Blog –
  4. Beatsby_Roi Lemon Water Chronicles Volume 1 – Beatsbyroi – Lemon-water-chronicles-vol-i


Your Turn

I am curious: what do you do to prepare for natural disasters (i.e., hurricanes, snow storms, ice storms, floods)?> Do you have extra supplies such as food, water and other resources?  Are there lessons we can learn from your experience?  Feel free to share; I would love to hear your story.

Learn. Do. Grow.