What is a Sustainable Life? – S1E6

After a bit of a break in March, the Small Scale Life Podcast is back!  Before we posted another episode, I needed to get some infrastructure in place that would allow this podcast to be placed on iTunes.  This is the official reboot of the podcast, and we are looking forward to more episodes in Awesome April.  In this episode, I discuss the elements of my vision of a sustainable life including the following topics:

  • Mission of the Small Scale Life Podcast and Blog
  • What is a Sustainable Life (in my view)?
  • The definition of sustainable
  • The three pillars of sustainability (economics, social development and the environment)
  • How that definition and the three pillars relate to what we are doing on Small Scale Life
    • Healthy Living
    • Economics and Frugal Living
    • Gardening
    • Adventures and Having Fun
  • Restarting and Rebounding after Failure
  • Awesome April and the 2nd Annual Salsa Contest

All of the elements that I discuss are related to the Core Principles I described on the About Page of the Blog.  You can see those principles here.

Finally, we are really excited that we have a fantastic logo and other key infrastructure in place that will help us upload this podcast to iTunes.  Thank you, Jenny (you know who you are), for all of your hard work and creativity on this effort!


During the podcast, I discuss the following links:

Check those links out; there are some really fantastic people out there living sustainable lives and getting stuff done!

Your Turn

What is your definition of a sustainable life?  How will you achieve it?  Will you achieve it in the near future?  I would love to hear from you.

Also, if you would like to enter the 2nd Annual Homemade Salsa Fiesta Contest, please send me an e-mail at realsmallscalelife [at] gmail [dot] com.  Remember: the contest will be held on Earth Day Weekend, so contact me soon!

Finally, review this podcast on iTunes.  It will help us grow!


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