In this episode, I discuss 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips provided by our Small Scale Life Facebook members, and hopefully you can use some of these tips to take back control of your life and budget while saving some money in the process.

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November Member of the Month

November 2019 Member of the Month - Terri Otto

Congratulations to the November 2019 Member of the Month – Terri Otto!

As a special announcement from last week’s show, I would like to announce Terri Otto as the November 2019 Lifer of the Month for her participation in our Small Scale Life Group.  Terri has been so supportive and shared so much over the past year!  Terri is always positive, and I appreciate her posts.  I will be reaching out to her and send a token of my appreciation to her.  Thank you, Terri!  You are awesome!  Congratulations on being an outstanding member of our community!

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10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips

Our modern lives get crazy.  We are constantly on the run and go, and if we are going through the motions of our hectic lives, we can find ourselves out of control and making snap decisions that can cost us in the long run. 

 All of us in the same boat together.  We need simple ways to make our resources stretch.  In case you are new to Small Scale Life, when I am talking about resources, I am talking about your money, your energy and your time, which is your most precious resource.  After all, you can make more money and get more energy (unless you live in blackout territory in California), but you cannot get more time after it is spent.

 How do we make our resources stretch?

Julie and I have been challenging our Small Scale Life Facebook Community (the Lifers) since April.  Almost every Thursday, Julie or I post the “Thrifty Thursday” challenge to the Lifer Community.  We challenge the community to post their Thrifty Thursday tips and hacks. 

We have gotten some really good tips over the past year.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult to pull the older posts out of the Facebook memory hole.  That is one of the many problems I have with Facebook.  After all, I imagine many of you don’t even know this kind of information existed!

I have gone back through the posts and pulled 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips for you. These are tips provided by members of the Lifer Community, and I will give them credit for their tips.  Out of respect to their privacy, I will use their first names and state only, but you can go back into the historic threads using the #thriftythursday to see their actual posts.

As I was reviewing the older threads, I noticed that the majority of the Thrifty Thursday Tips are focused on the kitchen and grocery shopping.  This is one area in our budget we can really make stretch and shine if we do the work.  After all, mortgages, cell phone bills, student loans, car payments and other bills are static, meaning they do not change much over time.  The bill is the bill; we need to pay on time.  There is little negotiating with static bills unless we make a drastic move like refinancing or selling.

That makes our kitchen the front lines for saving money.  Frankly, we control our consumption and our buying habits.  Because of this, many of our Lifers provided tips for the kitchen.  We can really make some headway in the kitchen.

By the way, you do know that you can be thrifty AND healthy at the same time, right?  It is true that a lot of the “deals” on sale are the highly processed, hyper-palatable foods like breads, chips and dips.  We need to steer clear of those types of foods to keep on our Health and Fitness Goals.  To do that, we need to focus on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats.  We can seek out seasonable fruits and vegetables, and we can buy in bulk when certain meats or dairy products go on sale (hams for Easter; turkey and hams for Thanksgiving and Christmas; eggs for Easter and Christmas).

I will have to do a podcast about this with my Home Economics and Budget Expert Julie in the near future.  She has been working hard on a Whole 30 Diet, and she will have a lot to talk about from a budget and healthy eating perspective.

Here are the 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips from the Small Scale Life Facebook Community:

Tip 1 – Stick to the Grocery List

Tip 2 – Never Shop when Hungry

Tip 3: Check the Ads and Exploit Double Ad Day

Tip 4: Check Unit Prices on Everything

Tip 5: Pack Your Lunch

Tip 6: Learn How to Garden and Preserve Your Own Food

Tip 7: Cook with What You Have

Tip 8: Dilute Dish Soap

Tip 9: Use a Re-Usable Water Bottle when Traveling

Tip 10: Create and Follow a Budget!

Next Steps

Small Scale Life Facebook Group

Be the Lighthouse; Be the Change! Join the Small Scale Life Facebook Group.

These 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips came from our Small Scale Life Facebook Group.  I really appreciate the tips from Kathleen in Colorado (total rock star who had five of these tips), Ann from Illinois, Karen from Georgia, and Joshua from Pennsylvania.  Thank you one and all who have provided tips over the past year.  In fact, there was a great discussion about grafting and planting apples last week, and I am going to turn that into a post.  Thank you in advance, Captain Lumbersquatch Greg Burns, for that information!

So if you aren’t part of our Small Scale Life Facebook Group, what are you waiting for?  You are missing out on the conversation and some other material not discussed in the podcast or on the blog!  To get to the Small Scale Life Facebook Group, head on over and answer the questions.  Once you answer the questions, we will get you approved.

For those of you wondering why we ask questions to join the group, it does help us understand where you are coming from and what you would like to see in the future.  While you might think it is a silly exercise, it does help us!  Write those answers out and join up!  You won’t be disappointed.

Your Turn: Challenge Yourself

Mississippi River, Prairie du Chien WI

“The mighty Mississippi River started as a single drop of water. Put enough drops of water together, and you have the power to change the landscape of your life.”


There are a lot of ways we can take control of our budget, our health and our lives.  We just need to slow down a minute, plan and execute.  Some of these 10 Kitchen Thrifty Thursday Tips will really make a difference over time.

After all, even the mighty Mississippi River started as a single drop of water.  Put enough drops of water together, and you have the power to change the landscape of your life.

Start changing the landscape of your life today.

Go get em, Lifers!


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