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This is our 80th Episode!  Whoo hooo!  It’s a YUGE show for you!  For this episode, we are shifting gears a bit on this episode, and you are going to get to learn a lot more about our story.  My guest and I (and other celebrities who stop by) are going to talk about going from high paying, fast-paced lifestyles to slower-paced, more simple lives with less stuff.  How does one achieve that? Where does one begin?  My guest and I have some ideas, and in this episode, we are going to discuss the 5 Steps to Developing a Simple and Intentional Life.  This podcast plugs right into a previous podcast about Developing a Sustainable Life.

In this episode, my wife Julie Domres is my special guest for our 80th show!  I am totally excited to have her on the show (trust me: it has taken a while to convince her that she could podcast – like 80 shows)!  Julie does a great job, and I think you will find out a lot about us and me through this discussion.

Show Notes for 5 Steps to Developing a Simple and Intentional Life

As we launch into this show, let me ask you a few questions:

  • Does your stuff stress you out?
  • Do all the materials, goods, and things in you house and garage give you a sense of dread or anxiety?
  • What can you do about it?

Julie and I are going to take you on a journey in this podcast, so strap yourselves into your seats.  We discuss the following topics and links.

Friends of Small Scale Life (see below)


Our Story 

  • Moving Out and Storing Stuff
  • Planting Our Flag in North Minneapolis
    • Schemes and Ideas
    • Decision Process and Finalizing “The Plan”
  • Our Journey to Develop a Simple and Intentional and Life
    • Survival Mode and Chasing Dollars
    • Jobs, Kids and Life

Minimalism – Learn, Do and Grow in Motion

5 Steps to Developing a Simple and Intentional Life

  • Eliminating Clutter
  • Reducing Time Commitments
  • Reducing and Eliminating Debt
  • Replacing Screens with Reality and People
  • Defining What’s Truly Important in Your Life

Putting It All Together

  • Key Topics, Thank You’s and What’s Coming Up

Friends of Small Scale Life

Thank you to our friends of Small Scale Life.  Remember: if you have a product or a service that you would like to be discussed on Small Scale Life, contact me at realsmallscalelife at gmail dot com or use the Contact Us page on

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Gnarled Knot Design

Straight from Illinois, our good friends Phil and Jen have started their own business called Gnarled Knot Design! Phil and Jen love to create furniture and home décor items to make our house feel like home. Since they were running out of space in their own home, they decided to share our items with others. So, if you are looking for customized and personalized furniture or signs, connect with Phil and Jen at Gnarled Knot Design on Facebook, Instagram or Etsy. Connect with Phil and Jen at Gnarled Knot Design today!

Update: The two photos shown above arrived last night at our house from Gnarled Knot Design in a snowstorm.  They are wonderfully done and are really nice quality.  We hung these signs last night, and they look fantastic!  Wonderful work, Jen and Phil!  These just look awesome here!

Natures Image Farms

Nature’s Image Farm

Great news, everyone!  It is time to start planning for spring.  Are you looking for comfrey or trees to make your property shine and you more self-reliant?  Greg Burns from Nature’s Image Farm has what you need.

Nature’s Image Farm has Comfrey Bocking 4 and Comfrey Bocking 14 cuttings available for you today.

If you want to add trees to your property, Nature’s Image Farm once again has a number of tree bundles available including a Farmstead Tree Bundle, Homestead Bundle, Berry Bundle, Nut Tree Bundle and Apple Bundle.  They have everything you need to start your own food forest or family orchard, which is pretty cool!

Remember: Use code “SSL” for Small Scale Life for 10% off and free shipping, and let a real American hero Captain Lumbersquatch Greg Burns know that you heard about Nature’s Image Farm on Small Scale Life.  Check out today!