7 Reasons Why April is Awesome

“April Showers brings May Flowers” – English poem recorded in 1610

Awesome April is here!  How can I possibly say that considering our taxes are due, its snowing or raining, its still too cold to plant outside, and summer is just too far away?

My answer is quite simple: we have a ton of activities planned for April, and it is going to be totally awesome. I am really excited!  I have been teasing about Awesome April on podcasts and recent posts, so it is time to spill the beans on what is happening.  Here are 7 Reasons Why April is Awesome at Small Scale Life.

1. It’s our 22 Year Anniversary!


Tom and Julie Domres

Julie and I celebrated our 22-Year Anniversary on April 8.  I can’t believe it has been 22 years already; it feels like we are just getting going!  We actually celebrated our 22nd Anniversary at the Prairie Pond Winery on April 2, and I will post an article about our time there soon.  On our actual anniversary, we had a really low-key night, and I made a killer turkey breast and pasta for dinner.  Happy Anniversary, my dear!

2. New Blogger at Small Scale Life

My wife Julie is now an administrator here at Small Scale Life and at the Small Scale Life Facebook Page.  You will want to keep following us; she is going to be writing about frugal living (budgeting, meal planning, finding deals and reducing your economic footprint so you can actually save some money) and other topics that strike her fancy.  I imagine she will weigh  in on some of my posts as well, so stay tuned.  This is going to be a lot of fun!

3. The Small Scale Life Podcast is Back!

Sustainable; What is a Sustainable Life; Farm; Minnesota; Windmill; sunset

With the creation and launch of our new logo, I relaunched the Small Scale Life Podcast.  I improved the sound quality of the podcast, and the podcast is now hosted on blubrry.com and on iTunes!  Yes, folks, Season 1, Episode 6 is now listed on iTunes, so please listen to the podcast and review it.

You can leave a review by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on this link.
  2. Go to ratings and reviews.
  3. Click on 5 stars.
  4. Subscribe!

You can also write a longer review, though it’s not necessary.

I have some of my own interviews in the works, and it should be fun to talk to different folks about what they are doing to get stuff done!

4. Organic Gardener Podcast Interview

Podcast; Interview; Organic Gardener Podcast

Jackie from Organic Gardener Podcast interviewed me for two upcoming shows!

On March 7, Jackie Marie Beyer interviewed me for the Organic Gardener Podcast.  We had a GREAT time, and I can’t wait for her to post up the interview.  It probably will be TWO podcasts because we were having such a great time and talked about so many topics over two hours.  I am really excited to see how that turns out.  Stay tuned; I’ll let you know when Jackie publishes it.  In the meantime, head on over there and check out some of her other interviews.  She broke 100,000 downloads in January 2016 after a just year of podcasting, so you will see where I am going to be in a year!

5. March Wine Down Wednesday

Wine Down Wednesday at the Warehouse Winery in St. Louis Park is back!  We will be going to our favorite local winery and enjoying some great wine, appetizers and live music.  I have to catch up on the February and March Wine Down Wednesdays, so I will probablyroll everything into one blog post.  I am really looking forward to Wednesday night!

6.  Earth Week School Presentations

During Earth Week, Julie and I will be visiting two different schools and teach the kids about gardening, plants, soil, sun and water.  We will show the kids a quick presentation and have the kids plant some seeds.  Who doesn’t like to plant seeds?  It will be a great introduction to gardening, and I am really looking forward to it.  We will be preparing curriculum for elementary school students, and I hope to complete more presentations in the future.

7. 2nd Annual Salsa Fiesta Contest

2nd Annual Salsa Fiesta Contest; canned tomatoes; contest

Wrapping up Earth Week, Julie and I are hosting the 2nd Annual Salsa Fiesta Contest at our house.  We hosted the first Salsa Fiesta Contest on Labor Day in 2014, and it was there that I put my salsa against my brother-in-law’s and my mother-in-law’s salsas.  It was a close contest, but I came out on top and won it in the end!

It’s long overdue, but I am putting my crown and some cash on the line for the 2nd Annual Salsa Fiesta Contest.  We have a few entries in the contest already.  My brother-in-law and mother-in-law are bringing their canned salsa, as is a semi-professional salsa maker (he has entered two different salsas).  If you want “IN,” send me an e-mail at realsmallscalelife [at] gmail [dot] com.  We’ll figure something out!  The key date to keep in mind is April 24, 2016.  that is the contest date, and that’s when I am going to win!

It’s time to see if your sauce can beat the boss, so bring it!

Stay Tuned!

It is going to be a fun month with a ton of activities happening, so please stay tuned.  If you want to enter a salsa for the contest,