In this podcast, Julie and I talk about How to Budget Your Way to Financial Freedom.  We unpack the 9 Steps to Creating Your First Budget (with an additional bonus step at the end). 

This is the Budgeting Podcast you have been waiting for!

Creating Your First Budget with the Quickie Monthly Budget

To help you with successfully creating your first budget, Julie and I decided to create and release a Quickie Monthly Budget rather than a complicated spreadsheet.  We want you to try this method of budgeting in a simple and easy-to-follow PDF format (with instructions)!

As part of Creating Your First Budget Week, Julie and I will be releasing a Quickie Monthly Budget with instructions on Wednesday this week at  We will have a special page dedicated to this Quickie Monthly Budget, and we will include a link in the show notes once the budget has been posted. 

Show Topics

Julie and I had a lot to say during this podcast, and it might be a little overwhelming. Rather than you take notes during this podcast (which you can do, of course), we have provided the 9 Steps to Creating Your First Budget below.
2. Develop Expense Categories (Static vs. Variable)
3. Determine Monthly Net Income (After tax income)
5. Look at Your Calendar to Estimate Next Month’s Expenses
6. Use the Quickie Monthly Budget to Plan Income and Expenses
7. Once You Set Up the Budget, Go into Maintenance Mode (Weekly check-ins)
9. Month-End Review and Plan Next Month
10. Bonus Step: Do This Exercise with Your Partner. Start where you are and work together.  Have grace and empathy; show love.  Start new and get on the same page!

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