In this 184th episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, we are talking about Grounding and Wellness with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast.  Julie and I had so much fun talking with Hannah that I decided to break this conversation into two pieces. If you want to hear the first, check out the Small Scale Life Podcast episode titled “Urban Homesteading with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast.”

Who is Hannah?

Urban Homestead, The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast

Hannah and her husband AJ are fellow travelers in the Homesteading space. Like us, Hannah and AJ are living close to their parents in an urban area. In an effort to live healthier lives and break patterns of the American consumption lifestyle, they started gardening, growing fruit trees and branching out into spirituality, grounding and making things with their hands.

Links for Finding Hannah and AJ

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The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast

The Wisconsin Homestead on Instagram

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Grounding with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast

 grounding, The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast, spirituality, wellness

Julie and I had a great conversation about homesteading with Hannah from The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast. About half way through the interview, we pivoted away from homesteading and starting talking about clean eating (Keto and Whole30), grounding, spirituality (energy and the Drum Wash) and of course The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast.

What is “Grounding?”

For those who may not know what “grounding” is,

Grounding is a practice where you walk barefoot, sit, or work outside to contact with the Earth’s surface. 

By grounding, you are actually connecting your body to the earth’s energy, and at the same time, you are transferring the earth’s energy from the ground into your body.  It really helps you to feel connected to the earth and more at peace.  If you don’t believe it, you should give grounding a try!

Why am I talking about this?  Well, you’ll see really soon in this podcast episode, and this is part of our Wellness practice on Small Scale Life where we are healing and strengthening our bodies, minds and spirit.

Spending more time emersed in Nature at Eagles Ridge has really shown us the power of being outside. For Julie and me, removing the invasive species from Eagles Ridge has allowed the native plants and trees to breathe again.  We are releasing the spirits of the land allowing them to flourish once again.

Beyond invasive species removal, Julie and I are becoming more than owners or stewards of the land; we are becoming part of this land. We feel a sense of accomplishment and a real love for the land, and we want to be there every minute of the day.  Soon we’ll be there full time, dear friends, soon!

This is why we are starting to talk about wellness combined with spirituality, but we’ll go more into that in the future.


Watch this Interview!

I created a video of the Grounding with Hannah from the Wisconsin Homestead Podcast, and it is posted on the Small Scale Life YouTube Channel. 

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 grounding, The Wisconsin Homestead Podcast, spirituality, wellness

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