Failing Forward: Losing Weight, Gaining Muscle, Having Discipline – HELP 5

It is October and it is time for the Healthy Lifestlye Podcast!  In this Episode, Drew and I start by discussing losing weight and gaining muscle.  We both have been struggling in our weight loss challenges, and we discussed perfectionism and discipline (or lack thereof).  Drew brought our friend Scott Hebert into the conversation about half way through the podcast, and we has a great discussion about journaling, meditation, routines and discipline.  It is great listening to and learning from Scott since he lost 60-70 pounds right after high school.  You can listen to Scott’s story about losing weight and getting healthy on the Small Scale Life Podcast Season 1, Episode 9.

Scott, Drew and I discussed the following topics:

  • Pre-podcast schenanigans – Drew and I were figuring out how to record the podcast, and I obviously was not listening to and comprehending what he was saying.  It is entertaining, even though we both were swearing during this segment.  As a word of caution: there is swearing in this podcast (in case you are listening with your kids)
  • Diet and fitness over the past week and plans for the next week
  • Lifting weights and supplements
  • Discipline and routines
  • Journaling and meditation (the woo woo stuff)
  • Types of people and their success – Coolers, Closers and Cleaners
  • Making the bed with throw pillows
  • What should the Healthy Lifestlye Podcast focus on in future shows

Scott Hebert has a YouTube Channel, and I thought this discussion about starting a farm while working another job applies to losing weight as well.  It ties directly into his discussion with us about discipline.


Drew, Scott and I discussed a few different sites, podcasts and video blogs during this episode.  Here is a list of those links:

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Drew and I are not licensed health care or fitness experts.  We are not doctors.  Please be sure to consult your doctor, dietician or other health care professional about health, fitness or other medical issues.  All information shared on the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast and Small Scale Life are for informational and inspirational purposes only.


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