In this 176th Episode of the Small Scale Life Podcast, we discuss How to Become the Gray Man Glen Tate, Shelby Gallagher and Mr. Tactical. 

In case you don’t know who these guests are, let me introduce them to you.

  • Glen Tate is a lawyer, the author of the 299 Days book series and co-host of the Prepping 2.0 Podcast and syndicated radio show.
  • Shelby Gallagher is author of the Great State book series and co-host of the Prepping 2.0 Podcast and syndicated radio show.
  • Tactical Jay is my good friend and frequent guest on the Small Scale Life Podcast. He hails from somewhere on the East Coast where he is involved in healthcare and a firefighter.

We recorded this podcast live on the Small Scale Life YouTube Channel on the day after the election. Of course, at the time of publishing this podcast episode, we seem to have a new President-Elect. Times are a-changing indeed!


As far as this podcast is concerned, it was a great test of the Stream Yard Live-Streaming Technology with YouTube, especially with four participants spread across the United States.  I am pretty excited that this went better than expect, and we’ll be Live Streaming on the Small Scale Life YouTube Channel more often!

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And now for the main topic of this show….How to Become a Gray Man or Woman.

How to Become the Gray Man or Woman

Becoming the Gray Man with Glen Tate and Shelby Gallagher

We live in incredibly uncertain times, and there are threats all around us: in our community, online and on the road.  As we look at the current events and what has happened in 2020 to date, it is quite clear that we are entering a new era in the United States.  What do I mean by this?

  • Tech companies, intelligence agencies and other groups track our every move, search and interest online.
  • Governments, security forces and intelligence agencies have installed a myriad of camera networks and use facial recognition software to monitor our every move.
  • The National Coin Shortage and Global Pandemic have resulted in a change from paper currency to electronic purchasing, making every purchase discoverable and traceable.
  • Cancel Culture and Censorship have virtually silenced honest political discussions and debates as guaranteed in the First Amendment, and speaking the wrong words or to the wrong people will result in loss of employment, loss of status, loss of future opportunities in “polite society” and literal erasure from the internet and payment processing.

It isn’t getting easier for people.

In the Soviet Union and other Communist states, people learned to adapt to continual surveillance from government agencies and political opponents. They became “gray men and women.”   They blended into the background and “hide in plain sight.”

We only need to look to nature to see how other creatures use the background to blend into their environments: deer are brown in the summer and change to a grayish-brown in the winter; moths blend into tree bark, fish are grey or sand-colored to blend into the coral.

I define “Being Resilient” as being able to withstand incredible challenges and adversity while we keep moving towards our goals. Being cancelled or erased clearly is a catastrophic event for many people, so the question is:

How do you become a gray man or woman in uncertain times and in this increasingly technocratic and surveillance-heavy world?


We discussed the following topics on How to Become the Gray Man or Woman with Glen Tate, Shelby Gallagher, and Mr. Tactical Jay:

  • Introductions
  • What is Prepping 2.0?
  • How to Become the Gray Man or Woman by Becoming Resilient
    • No One Can Disappear Completely
    • Rental Properties
    • Side Hustles and Small Businesses
    • Learning New Skills that Can Be Used
    • Location, Location, Location – Starting to Homestead
    • Tips for Looking and Starting a Homestead
  • 299 Days Book Series – Chaos and Collapse

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