Welcome to our “simply complicated life….”

Did you ever wonder how life gets like that? We layer on thing after thing, and suddenly we are standing In the middle of a vast forest of obligations, complications, intentions and frustrations.

Does it always have to be like this or is there a better way?

Recently, Julie and I hosted my friend and wise sage Greg Burns from The Contrary Farmstead Podcast at our Minneapolis home. Greg was in town for a project, but he spent several hours with us.  We fed him a hot dinner, exchanged some wonderful gifts (Nature’s Image Farm honey and applesauce for Small Scale Life jam, dilly beans and DomBucha Kombucha), and had a great conversation!

Fortunately for you, my dear Lifers, this conversation was captured and converted into an episode on the Contrary Farmstead Podcast. 

Topics Discussed – Our Simply Complicated Life

Our Journey towards Financial Freedom; Our Story;

Julie and I discussed the following topics with Greg during this episode:

  1. Why did we start blogging and podcasting?
  2. Finding balance in life can be tricky sometimes. Even a simple life can be extraordinarily complicated.
  3. How can we support each other when our passions, goals and dreams don’t necessarily align with our spouses?
  4. How do we help our partner grow and fulfill their calling?
  5. Are we trading one rat race (in the urban area) for another (in a rural area)?



Listen to The Contrary Farmstead Podcast

We are linking to our friends Greg and Susan Burns Contrary Farmstead Podcast this week. It was so much fun to have Greg in our home and have this conversation!  We want to make sure their great podcast and platform continues to grow!  So, to hear this podcast episode, you need to go to them!  Please use the following links to listen to this episode:


The Episode is on The Contrary Farmstead Podcast Site on fireside.fm 

The Episode is on iTunes

Download the “Our Simply Complicated Life with Tom and Julie Domres” episode by clicking this link 



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Of course Greg and Susan Burns have their own platforms. Please feel free to connect with Greg and Susan using the following links:

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Special Thanks

 Tom and Greg Burns, Whole30 Challenge Results

Thank you, Greg, for coming to our humble home in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and spending some time with us. The gifts were awesome, and we really enjoyed your honey and the applesauce. Delicious!

It is always a pleasure to get together, talk, and laugh!  I can’t wait to visit you at Nature’s Image Farm in Ohio, see the apiary and hang out with you, Susan and the family.

We’ll get you and Susan on the show in the near future, and that will be one fun podcast episode!