Debt and Real Estate Part 1 – S1E17

If you have been listening to the Small Scale Life Podcast or the Healthy Lifestyle Podcast lately, you have heard me talking about moving out of the city to the country.  Julie and I have decided that this is a critical element in our journey to develop a simpler, more sustainable life.  Why do we want to leave the urban area?  We want some rural real estate in order to have a sustainable life through developing relationships and skills in the rural areas.

Julie and I are not alone in this quest for rural real estate to develop a more simple, small scale life.  We have talked to others who are part of the Small Scale Gardening and MN-WI Regenerative Agriculture Groups on Facebook who are wanna-be homesteaders stuck in the urban grind.  Like us, they are all charting a path and a course of action that will lead to their eventual escape.  You can escape, ladies and gentlemen, but that escape will take proper planning and focused execution.

Speaking of planning and focused execution, our friend Jay Dolan from the Condo to Compound Blog is back to update us on his progress towards purchasing rural real estate.  Jay and I talked about his dream of buying a homestead back in Episode 7 of the Small Scale Life Podcast.  Since that podcast, Jay developed the Condo to Compound Blog and has been focused on paying down his debt…..for the most part anyway.

Podcast Topics

Jay and I discuss the following:

  • Jay’s Condo to Compound Blog
  • How he is paying off debt
  • Hidden costs when buying a house (i.e., debt, maintenance, taxes, etc.)
  • “Home Buying Fever” that he and his girlfriend worked through recently

Unfortunately, the podcast ended early due to Jay getting called to the “principal’s office.”  Never fear!  We recorded Part 2 already, and I will be posting it soon.


During the Small Scale Life Podcast, Jay and I discuss the following links:

Friends of the Small Scale Life Podcast

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Finding the right land is exciting, but make sure you can afford it!

In this Episode, I talk about the following friends of the Small Scale Life Podcast:

  • Condo to Compound Blog – Jay Dolan’s journey from an urban/suburban life to a rural life.
  • Failing Forward Profitable Urban Farming – Drew Sample and Scott Hebert’s weekly podcast about success, failures and life as an urban farmer.
  • Reconnaissance Man – Aaron Clarey’s latest book for today’s youth where he recommends that the Reconnaissance Man (or Woman) takes the time to explore this country, not just to see what this country has to offer, but to find out who they are, where they belong, and what they really want out of life.

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